Rethinking Communication and Engagement with Multicultural Communities

November 7 & 14, 2023 | 10:00am – 2:30pm EST | Online

Training Overview

How to Connect, Communicate and Build Effective Partnerships with Diverse and Hard-to-Reach North Americans.

North America is a region known for its rich multiculturalism and diverse ethnocultural groups. In Canada specifically, there are over 250 ethnocultural groups, making it a land of immigrants. The country’s population is also experiencing an aging demographic, with immigration being the primary source of population growth. In fact, the Federal Government has set a goal to welcome around 1.5 million immigrants by 2025.

Given this demographic shift and the increasing cultural diversity, there is a growing need for intercultural training for Government specialists, managers, and officers. This training aim to enhance their understanding and appreciation of different cultures, improve their intercultural communication skills, and foster inclusivity and engagement with diverse communities. By investing in intercultural training, Government professionals can effectively navigate the complexities of working with diverse populations, promote cultural sensitivity in their interactions, and ensure equitable and inclusive service delivery.

It recognizes the importance of adapting communication and engagement strategies to effectively reach and serve multicultural communities, fostering stronger relationships and trust.

Who Should Attend

Leads, Managers, Specialists, Coordinators and Directors

Multicultural Engagement, Community Managers, Community Outreach

Stakeholder Engagement, External Communications, Digital Communications

Learning Outcomes

Understand what it means to be culturally diverse: Historical background, the complexities, and diversity.


Discuss strategies to overcome the challenges of connecting with multicultural

Build insights into multicultural communities to inform better
engagement and outreach decisions.

Explore channels that are accessible to and appropriate for multicultural stakeholders and tailor nuanced messages that resonate with diverse

Meet Your Facilitator

Irma Vartanian

Intercultural Competence Trainer

Irma Vartanian is an Intercultural Competence Trainer with more than 25 years of experience in the corporate world. With a background in Protocol & Diplomacy, she’s an expert in the fields of People Skills for Leaders, and Communication across cultures. Irma’s clients include Fortune 500 company executives, Government officials, General Security officers, and international corporate leaders. Her training include enhancing her leadership brand and developing negotiation & communication skills within a global framework, where bridging cultural gaps and sensitivities is a must for success. She also customizes her training for Women Leaders working across cultures.

Irma has a Bachelor’s in Pure Mathematics, an MBA from Imperial College and an MA in Protocol and Soft Diplomacy. She’s a Licensed ICQ Global DISC and Growth Zone practitioner; a Certified Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion Executive; Cornell Certified – Women in Leadership; and a Tea Champion from the UK Tea Academy.

A global citizen, Irma lives in Montreal, Canada. A keynote speaker, author, and columnist, educated, worked, and lived in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Irma is the President of SIETAR BC in Canada and currently serves on several international boards with loyalty, integrity, empathy &
commitment, and volunteers as a Mentor for emerging women leaders & entrepreneurs.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Modules 1 to 2Day 2: Modules 3 to 4

Introduction and Challenges

Understanding the Concept of Culture

  • Self-Awareness
  • How and why Cultures Differ
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Defining key Cultural aspects
  • Unconscious Bias and the Downside of Generalization & Assumptions

Connecting with Multi-culturally Diverse Communities

  • Public Sector Communication
  • Multiculturalism within the Public Sector
  • Discussing and categorizing the key challenges: From language barriers to literacy; assumptions and lack of awareness; professionalism and credibility

Building Psychological Safety

Creating a psychologically Safe Environment with diverse communities for healthy and effective engagements

  • Characteristics of healthy working Relationships
  • Building Trust and Confidence with Multicultural community members
  • Benefits of Psychological Safety

Breakout Room Activity
Self-Reflection: Re-evaluating How to Engage with Culturally Diverse Communities

Engaging with Culturally Diverse Community Leaders

Public Sector Global Leadership Skills

  • The importance of community leaders and strategies to build partnerships
  • Negotiation Skills across cultures
  • Key factors and nuances to consider

Effective Communication Across Cultures

  • Top 10 Intercultural Skills for Effective Communication
  • The importance of non-verbal body language across cultures
  • Key People Skills Vital for Multicultural Community Engagement

Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication

  • Managing Conflict
  • Giving/Receiving Feedback Properly
  • The Accountability factor

Breakout Activity


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