Public Sector Innovation Show British Columbia


Victoria, 03 December 2024

All times in PST

7:30 am


8:30 am

Welcome from the Public Sector Network and Traditional Welcome

8:40 am

Welcome from the Chair

9:00 am

Ministerial Address

9:20 am

Government Keynote

Transforming Tomorrow: Harnessing Innovation for a Resilient and Adaptive Public Sector

  • Leveraging AI, blockchain, and data analytics to streamline services, enhance transparency, and improve decision-making.
  • Designing user-friendly, accessible digital platforms to meet diverse citizen needs and enhance public engagement.
  • Adopting agile methodologies and sustainable practices to quickly adapt to change and promote environmental responsibility.

9:40 am

Platinum Partner

Future-Proofing Governance: Cutting-Edge Technologies for a Next-Gen Public Sector

  • Presenting advanced cloud infrastructure solutions customized for government, boosting scalability, collaboration, and data security.
  • Demonstrating practical applications of AI, IoT, and machine learning in optimizing public services and infrastructure management.
  • Showcasing industry-leading cybersecurity measures and intuitive digital platforms for enhanced citizen engagement and data protection.

10:00 am

Panel Discussion

Thriving in Transformation: Harnessing Change for a People-First Tomorrow

  • Strategies for fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptability among employees.
  • Ensuring technology implementations prioritize user experience and societal benefit.
  • Discuss how embracing change can drive diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives while fostering resilience in communities and organizations.

10:30 am

Refreshment Break

10:50 am

Innovation & Technology Track

Welcome from Track Chair: Emerging Technological Imperatives: Shaping Tomorrow's Landscape

  • Anticipating Quantum Computing: Exploring the potential of quantum computing to revolutionize data processing and problem-solving across industries.
  • Embracing Artificial Intelligence: Harnessing AI advancements to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and unlock new opportunities for innovation.
  • Navigating Ethical Tech Terrain: Addressing the ethical implications of emerging technologies and establishing guidelines for responsible development and usage.
Digital & CX Track

Welcome from Track Chair: Synergizing Digital and Customer Experiences: Closing the Gap for Seamless Interaction

  • Integrating digital channels and customer touchpoints to create a unified and seamless experience across all interaction platforms.
  • Leveraging data analytics and customer insights to personalize experiences and anticipate needs, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Cultivating a customer-centric culture and mindset within organizations to consistently deliver exceptional experiences at every touchpoint.

11:10 am

Government Keynote Innovation & Technology Track

AI Adoption in Public Administration: Crafting Ethical Strategies for Effective Implementation

  • Establishing guidelines and regulations to ensure responsible and ethical deployment of AI technologies in the public sector.
  • Investing in training programs and talent acquisition to equip government agencies with the necessary skills for successful AI implementation.
  • Implementing mechanisms to promote transparency in AI decision-making processes and holding stakeholders accountable for their use of AI systems.
Government Keynote Digital & CX Track

Advancing Citizen-Centric Digital Services

  • Understanding Citizen Needs: Conducting comprehensive research to grasp citizens’ requirements and challenges.
  • Designing intuitive interfaces and personalizing the experience
  • Measuring the effectiveness of digital tools and initiatives in increasing and improving citizen engagement and feedback

11:30 am

Gold Partner Innovation & Technology Track

Smart Sustainability: Future-Proofing Government with IoT Solutions

  • Harnessing advanced IoT sensor technology to precisely monitor and manage resource consumption, enabling data-driven sustainability initiatives and fostering a circular economy.
  • Implementing AI-driven predictive analytics on IoT data streams to optimize public service delivery, proactively addressing citizen needs while minimizing environmental footprint.
  • Integrating IoT devices with emerging technologies such as blockchain and edge computing to create decentralized, self-sustaining systems capable of adapting to dynamic environmental conditions in real time.
Gold Partner Digital & CX Track

Unleashing AI's Revolutionary Impact on Public Service Digital Customer Experience (CX) Transformation

  • Harnessing AI for Hyper-Personalization: Utilizing AI algorithms to deliver tailored and predictive customer experiences in public service interactions.
  • Empowering AI-Driven Automation: Implementing cutting-edge automation solutions powered by AI to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in public service delivery.
  • Ensuring Ethical AI Deployment: Establishing innovative frameworks and protocols to maintain ethical standards and accountability in AI utilization for public service CX transformation.

11:50 am

Government Keynote Innovation & Technology Track

Empowering Housing Solutions: Innovative Use of Digital Technology for Effective Housing Management and Solutions

  • Data-Driven Policy Formulation: Utilizing data analytics to inform housing policies and address evolving community needs effectively.
  • Smart Infrastructure Implementation: Implementing IoT technology to optimize housing infrastructure, enhance sustainability, and improve resource management.
  • Digital Tenant Services and Affordable Solutions: Providing online platforms for tenant convenience, alongside leveraging digital tools like VR for affordable housing design to address affordability challenges effectively.
Government Keynote Digital & CX Track

Digital Disruptors: Clearing the Path to Seamless Transformation

  • Uncover the common hurdles that hinder digital transformation and explore effective approaches to overcome them.
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and agility, enabling organizations to adapt swiftly to emerging technologies
  • Discover proactive strategies to anticipate and address potential challenges, ensuring a smooth and successful digital transformation journey.

12:10 pm

Gold Partner Innovation & Technology Track

Navigating Tomorrow: Unleashing Futuristic Tech Solutions for Government Challenges

  • Explore next-generation technologies and their application to address pressing government challenges
  • Discover innovative approaches to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape for the public sector.
Gold Partner Digital & CX Track

Igniting Citizen Engagement:Empowering a Personalized Digital Experience

  • Learn how to leverage personalization to drive meaningful citizen interactions and engagement.
  • Discover strategies for tailoring digital experiences that resonate with individual citizens and foster active participation.

12:40 pm

Panel Discussion Digital & CX Track

Building a Digital-First Government: Challenges and Opportunities

  • What are the key challenges faced by the public sector in transitioning to a digital-first approach, and how can they be overcome?
  • How can emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT be leveraged to enhance citizen services and government operations?
  • How can government agencies collaborate with the private sector to drive innovation and implement cutting-edge technologies?
Panel Discussion Innovation & Technology Track

Pioneering the Technological Frontier: Charting the Course for Public Sector Innovation

  • Which emerging technologies will revolutionize the public sector, and how can governments prepare?
  • What risks and hurdles accompany widespread tech adoption, and how can governments overcome them?
  • How can governments balance tech benefits with citizen data privacy and security, ensuring responsible use?

1:10 pm

Networking Lunch Break

2:10 pm


Interactive Roundtable Discussions

3:10 pm

Welcome Back from the Chair

3:15 pm

Government Keynote

Empowering Innovation with Data, Technology, and AI: A Future-Forward Perspective

3:35 pm

Platinum Partner

Streamlining and Unifying Multi-Cloud Ecosystems for Enhanced Service Delivery

  • Enhancing Performance through Integrated Cloud Solutions
  • Simplified Solutions for Efficient Service Delivery

3:55 pm

Panel Discussion

Navigating Tomorrow: The Impact of AI on Government Technology and Strategic Pathways Forward

  • What are the most promising AI technologies for the public sector today, and what challenges do we face in implementing them within public services?
  • How is British Columbia addressing ethical considerations and privacy concerns in the deployment of AI in government services?
  • Looking ahead, what key areas should Ontario focus on to ensure AI significantly enhances GovTech over the next decade?

4:25 pm

Closing Remarks from the Chair, followed by networking reception