A Blueprint for Effective Organisational Change

Tuesday, 12 December 2023 | 9:00 AM – 3:15 PM AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Overcoming fatigue and leading sustainable, lasting transformation

In today’s rapidly evolving public sector, where governments are under immense pressure to deliver quick and effective change, success in transformation is more crucial than ever. A recent survey by McKinsey highlights the challenges faced by public sector leaders, with nearly 80 percent of major change initiatives falling short of their objectives. Effective change management is vital for the triumph of any reform, policy implementation, or service enhancement.

However, implementing change remains a global challenge for organisations, even though successful change management is linked to improved employee engagement, well-being, and performance. When executed proficiently, it can enhance competitiveness, productivity, innovation, and foster a positive work environment. This interactive workshop is designed to identify the key factors influencing change and uncover the unique characteristics of your organisational culture that can influence change outcomes.

Who Should Attend

This workshop has been developed for heads, directors, managers, leads, advisors, and specialist, in charge of transforming all three levels of government, including:

Organisational Change and Development

Change Management and Transformation

Continuous Improvement and Reform

Learning Outcomes

Build an insight into why change fails

Psychological perspective on change

Effective communication strategies

Practical tools and blueprint for change

Meet Your Facilitator

Prina Shah
Global Coach, Consultant,
Trainer & Speaker

Prina Shah is a modern workplace thought leader and HR strategist who helps CEOs, HR Teams, and Business Leaders seeking to make positive culture change happen in themselves and in their organisations.

Passionate about developing practical tools and frameworks that enable the modern workplace and empower teams to unlock their potential, she is especially interested in redefining processes from legacy, box-ticking exercises to opportunities to reinvigorate teams.

Prina has a BSc in Sociology and Social Psychology and a Diploma in Professional Coaching and is accredited in LSI, GSI, OCI, OEI, DISC Advanced, PRINT, and the Emotional Culture Deck.

Prior to this, she held senior leadership roles in the WA public sector. Prina has honed her expertise with over 20 years of leadership experience within the Not-for-Profit, Public Sector, and utility sectors in London, Sydney, and Perth.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 2Day 2: Module 3Day 2: Module 4

Why does change fail

  • The Definition of Change
    • What is change and what does it mean in an organisation  
    • Uncovering the Four types of organisational change 
    • Key determining factors of change 
  • Why Change in the Workplace Fails
    • Unpacking the reasons why change fails 
    • Criteria that impact change 
    • Discussing the human element 

Psychology of Change

  • The Psychology of Change
    • Resistance to change 
    • Stages of change 
    • Readiness and motivation 
  • Your organisational culture and change
    • Best practices for leading a cultural shift 
    • Framing the problem 
    • The power of quick wins 
    • Harnessing your networks 

Communicating Change

  • The problem with most change projects
    • Unpacking the biggest problems with change projects 
    • How to address change fatigue 
    • Strategies to overcome the problem 
  • How society manages change
    • Lessons from societal and community change 
    • Discussing pros and cons 
    • Leveraging your social networks 

Building Trust and Resilience

  • A blueprint for successful change
    • Leveraging the lessons learned earlier to plan your own Blueprint for Change 
    • Defining a vision and purpose 
    • Exploring stakeholder engagement  
    • Setting goals 
  • How to run an effective postmortem of your change
    • Gathering stakeholder feedback 
    • Analysis and recommendations 
    • Outlining next steps 


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