Framing and Solving Problems with Human Centred-Design

Wednesday, 3 & 10 April 2024 | 10:00am – 2:30pm AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Creating and Improving Physical & Digital Products, Services and Experiences

As a Project Manager in the Public Sector, navigating complexities with multiple stakeholders, tight budgets, and diverse end-user needs is a challenge. Human-Centred Design (HCD) offers a solution, involving the human perspective in problem-solving.

This 8-hour training equips time-strapped public sector project managers with tools for better social outcomes through HCD. Learn to apply HCD to design and improve products, services, and experiences, addressing mindsets and behaviours with a people-first perspective, harnessing the power of iteration, and using frameworks for divergent and convergent thinking.

Who Should Attend

This course is or project managers and cross-functional business leads in charge with driving transformation change in all three levels of government including:

Project & Product
Manager and Leads

Business Process Improvement Manager, Leads and Officers

Service Designers and
UX Managers and Leads

Learning Outcomes

Adopt a “people-first” perspective and establish a plan for continuous improvement 

Embrace effective iteration and visual work and earn to guide convergent and divergent thinking  

Build an in-depth understanding of internal and external stakeholders

Gain knowledge of various HCD methodologies and identify the best combination for you

Meet Your Facilitator

Mauricio Perez
Human Centred Design Strategist

Mauricio Perez is a Human Centred Design (HCD) strategist in Sydney, Australia. He specialises in Service Design, User Experience (UX) and Customer experience (CX). He is focused on making products and services better for your users, customers, citizens and even staff by placing their needs at the centre of the design process.

He works to find the right problem through research, analysis and synthesis before finding the right solutions through design, testing and iteration. He works across government, financial, health and communication sectors. He has a passion for inclusive, environmental and ethical design practices.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 2Day 2: Module 3Day 2: Module 4

An Introduction to Human-Centered Design

  • Overview, Objectives and Outcomes
    • Why are you here?
    • How to get the most of out of this session
    • Participation principles and tools
  • An Introduction to Human Centred Design and Its Benefits
    • Human Centred Design and the power of the human perspective
    • Understanding how to apply HCD to design products, services, digital and physical experiences
    • Learning the difference between HCD for improvement and HCD for creation
  • Influencing Mindsets and Behaviours
    • How to define success
    • Understanding how to to gain buy-in
    • An exercise in aligning stakeholder goals

Exploring the Problem

  • The Importance of Exploring and the Problem with your Team
    • Understanding problem spaces and identifying your problem space
    • Engaging with the the community/users and mapping out the pain points and challenges that they face
    • Synthesizing and processing this information
  • Understanding your Community and/or Users
    • Unpacking persona creation
    • What are the questions that you need to ask
    • Creating a user journey map and other artefacts to extract key information

Ideation, Feasibility and Viability

  • Concept ideation: Evaluating your Current State and Disussing Possible Solutions
    • Assessing where you are at presentlyDiary Study, Expert Interviews, Landscape review, Survey
    • Applying a blueprint exercise
    • Developing solutions
  • Practical Guide: Internal Valuation and Testing
    • Running a feasibility and viability exercise with internal stakeholders
    • Running a User Testing
    • Gathering and synthesing feeback
    • Planning next steps

Making HCD a Part of Your Everyday Work and Life

  • Understanding Journey Maps and their Practical Application
    • Exploring task models
    • Planning a blue print for your Future State
    • Identifying gaps and areas for improvement
  • Making HCD part of BAU: Planning for Continuous Improvement
    • Outlining next steps
    • Plannning a Human-Centred Design sprint workshop
    • Lessons learned and takeaways


Final Price

$A 1195

per person + GST

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