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Framing & Solving Problems with Human-Centered Design

Creating and Improving Physical & Digital Products, Services and Experiences

7 & 14 June 2024

10:00 AM to 2:30 PM EST

Next intake: 7 & 14 June 2024 | 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM EST


Imagine a world where empathy, creativity, and innovation guide every problem-solving endeavor. Picture solutions are meticulously crafted to authentically address the needs of those they serve. This is the transformative power of human-centered design (HCD). In today’s intricate and rapidly evolving landscape, adopting an approach that places humans at the core of problem-solving is essential.

Human-centered design acts as an antidote to navigating the complexities surrounding us. Widely integrated into design and management frameworks, HCD empowers you to cultivate solutions by actively involving the human perspective throughout the entire problem-solving journey. Embracing HCD unlocks the potential to revolutionize your approach, foster meaningful connections, and create impactful solutions that resonate with people on a profound level.

Through this human-centered lens, we shape a world where problems are met with empathy, creativity, and innovation. There’s no set process; the beauty of design thinking lies in its dynamic nature. Evidence-based decisions guide every step, with specialists skillfully selecting and applying methods, allowing for adaptability and creativity throughout.

Course Inclusions

• Build an in-depth understanding of internal and external stakeholders.
• Gain an understanding of the HCD methodologies to identify the best combination for you.
• Setting up a plan for continuous improvement
• Intimate, small class with no more than 25 participants

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for project managers and cross-functional business leads charged with driving transformation change in all three levels of government including:
Project Manager and Project Leads
Business Process Improvement Managers, Leads, and Officers
Service Designers
UX Managers and Leads
Product Managers and Leads

Online Training

Framing & Solving Problems with Human-Centered Design

Session details

  • Introduction to Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Its Benefits
  • Influencing Mindsets and Behaviors
  • Understanding your Community and/or Users


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Level: Fundamentals

No previous experience necessary


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This course requires 1 credit.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Foundations of HCD

Explore the core principles of Human-Centered Design (HCD), differentiating between its applications for improvement and creation. Engage in practical exercises to influence mindsets and behaviors, defining success and securing stakeholder buy-in. Gain a solid foundation in HCD principles and methodologies.

Day 2: Applied HCD Strategies

Dive into hands-on experiences, applying HCD in real-world scenarios. Create personas, map user journeys, and ideate solutions. Learn internal valuation and testing techniques for feasibility. Understand the practical application of journey maps and discover how to integrate HCD into everyday operations. Walk away with practical tools for driving innovation through HCD.

Overview, Objectives and Outcomes
• Why are you here?
• How to get the most out of this session
• Participation principles and tools

An Introduction to Human-Centered Design and Its Benefits
• Human Centered Design and the power of the human perspective
• Understanding how to apply HCD to design products, services, digital and physical experiences
• Learning the difference between HCD for improvement and HCD for creation

Influencing Mindsets and Behaviors
• How to define success
• Understanding how to gain buy-in
• An exercise in aligning stakeholder goals

Exploring and the Problem
• Understanding problem spaces and identifying your problem space
• Engaging with the community/ users and mapping out the pain points and challenges that they face
• Synthesizing and processing this information

Understanding your Community and/or Users
• Unpacking persona creation
• What are the questions that you need to ask
• Creating a user journey map and other artifacts to extract key information

Concept ideation: Evaluating your Current State and Discussing Possible Solutions
• Assessing where you are at presently
• Applying a blueprint exercise
• Developing solutions

Practical Guide: Internal Valuation and Testing
• Running a feasibility and viability exercise with internal stakeholders
• Running a User Testing
• Gathering and synthesizing feedback
• Planning next steps


Understanding Journey Maps and their Practical Application
• Exploring task models
• Planning a blueprint for your Future State
• Identifying gaps and areas for improvement

Making HCD part of BAU: Planning for Continuous Improvement
• Outlining next steps
• Planning a Human-Centered Design sprint workshop
• Lessons learned and takeaways

Meet Your Facilitator

Michael Tatham Image

Michael Tatham

President & CEO, Tatham Company

Michael has collaborated with world-renowned leaders for over 18 years, using his expertise to help them unite their teams to tackle
their industry’s most significant obstacles. His diverse clientele has included organizations such as NASA, Walmart, Bank of America, HP, and the US Air Force.

Michael has instilled organizational agility and adaptability in his clients by offering a complete set of tools necessary to drive growth in the form of mindset, methodology, and systems. What sets Michael apart from your traditional coach is his ability to gather cross-functional organizational buy-in swiftly, leading to the development of a competitive operating rhythm that initiates and drives organizational change sustainably.

Beyond his work, Michael balances his passions for flying, boxing, basketball, golf, and technology while being a devoted father to four

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