Service Blueprinting for Public Sector

24 January 2024, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Develop a shared vision, identify priorities and deliver seamless services

As the public sector strives to deliver seamless and personalised omnichannel services, it must also grapple with the increasing complexity of service delivery. From diverse stakeholders, growing demand for seamlessness, digital accessibility and equity amongst a host of other factors. In this ever-evolving landscape, service Blueprinting emerges as an effective tool to navigate these risks and challenges.
It is a methodology embraced by governments worldwide, from Singapore’s GovTech to the UK’s GDS. Service Blueprinting, in essence, is a visual representation that maps the end-to-end journey of a service, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions and the underlying processes. It helps government agencies understand, analyse, and optimise their services.

This online course, “Service Blueprinting for the Public Sector,” is designed to empower public sector professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for this transformative journey. It offers a deep dive into service blueprinting, providing participants with the ability to better comprehend current services, detect weaknesses, and identify opportunities for improvement. By visualising the interconnected relationships between customers, employees, and internal processes, it uncovers potential enhancements and reduces redundancy. Furthermore, it sheds light on the roles of key stakeholders in the service ecosystem.

This course encourages collaboration and benchmarking among peers, fosters learning by doing, and provides practical takeaways that can be implemented immediately. In an era where the public sector’s digital transformation is both an imperative and a challenge, this course equips professionals to navigate and lead the way forward.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Heads, Managers, Leads and Specialists in:

Customer, Citizen and User Experience 

Service Delivery, Process Improvement, and Innovation & Digital

Product Manager/Owner, Service Design and Content Design

Learning Outcomes

Better understand your current services. This offers internal clarity for the teams, especially in regard to complex services.

Detect weaknesses and flaws in the service to identify improvement opportunities.

Visualising how relationships between customers, employees, and internal processes are connected uncovers potential improvements and helps eliminate redundancy.

Better understand the key stakeholders in a service, especially when many parts are involved – i.e., customers, suppliers, consultants, teams, employees – to reduce complexity.

Meet Your Facilitator

Pete Saunders Consulting

Pete Saunders calls himself a strategy nerd playing at the intersection of design, experience, technology, and operations. His focus is on improving experience and outcomes through service design, patient mapping, innovation, digital strategy, and commercialisation, working with health and education clients, as well as government at a State and Federal level.

Pete Saunders has an extensive track record of delivering strategic solutions in the healthcare industry. He has worked on diverse projects, including the development of the first-ever digital strategy for the (then) Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, creating a patient experience and innovation roadmap for a multi-site radiology provider in New Zealand, formulating a five-year roadmap for patient and carer services for Australians impacted by upper GI cancers, designing a digital transformation and commercialization strategy for workplace mental health services provided by a renowned Australian research organization, and developing service blueprinting and go-to-market strategies for new health insurance products. His expertise spans various aspects of healthcare and demonstrates his ability to drive positive change and innovation in complex healthcare systems.

He has also been COO at TALi Health (ASX:TD1), a softwareas-a-medical-device company, and previously founded and commercialised a health-tech start up. His diverse work experience and background in design, marketing, and advertising gives Pete a unique perspective and a variety of tools to effectively solve challenging and impactful problems in complex systems. This results in improved outcomes for those who need it the most.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 2Day 1: Module 3

Benefits and Obstacles of Service Blueprinting

  • Exploring Service Blueprinting in the Public Sector
    • The purpose of service blueprinting
    • Understanding the benefits: from improving services to uplifting user experiences and identifying areas for improvement
    • How does this differ from process mapping and customer journey mapping
    • How to tackle a blueprint
  • The challenges of the process and when does it works
    • The obstacles of introducing service blueprinting
    • The 6 phases of service blueprinting
    • Stakeholder engagement and involvement
    • Planning your next steps

Front stage and Back stage Processes, Components and Touchpoints

  • Understanding Frontstage Processes and Back Stage
    • Discerning the difference between front stage processes and back stage processes
    • The influence of front stage processes on service quality
    • The role of back stage processes on driving greater efficiency
  • Key Components and Touch Points
    • Discussing front stage components and touchpoints
    • Discussing back stage components and touchpoints
  • Break Out Group Activity: The class will be split into groups.
    Using the lessons learned from the previous session start identifying and sorting front stage processes and back stage processes.

Service Blueprinting in Practice

  • Creating a Service Blueprinting
    • What are the questions you need to ask yourself before you begin
    • Framing the problem you are trying to solve
    • Understanding the main elements of your blueprint: actions, needs and pains, touchpoints, feelings, questions, variations, opportunities
  • Activity: Apply the concepts from the previous session and start building a service blueprint.
  • Group Discussion: Reviewing a Service Blueprints and Next Steps
    In this session, the groups will present their service blueprints for feedback. The groups will discuss challenges and solutions. In addition, they will also discuss the next steps to apply the learnings to their work.
  • Creating a Service Blueprinting


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