Data Visualisation and Storytelling for Government

Thursday, 14 & Thursday, 21 March 2024 | 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Practical theories, tools, techniques and strategies to create scalable, interactive and actionable data visualisation and storytelling solutions  

In the data-driven economy, mastering vital skills like data visualisation and storytelling is paramount, especially for governments grappling with escalating data volumes. Despite the challenges of extracting insights from extensive datasets, these skills are crucial for informed decision-making at all levels.

As a powerful tool to overcome these challenges, data visualisation is gaining prominence. With the human brain naturally inclined to respond faster to visuals, the importance of data visualisation and storytelling has surged in the era of big data. In government, data-driven decisions and improved outcomes depend equally on data leadership and day-to-day practitioners.

Our course is designed to equip participants with essential theories, tools, and techniques for successful data visualisation and storytelling. Through a dynamic blend of lectures, interactive exercises, and expert feedback, attendees learn to identify insights, craft compelling narratives, and use storytelling to secure stakeholder buy-in and inform decision-making.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for heads, directors, assistant directors, managers, team leaders, officers, and analysts charged with driving transformation change in all three levels of government including:

Data, Environment and
Business Analysis

Business Intelligence, Geospatial, Economist and Health Informatics

Evaluation, Reporting and
Data Management

Learning Outcomes

Create scalable and interactive visualisation solutions to unlock the power of data

Master the art of simplifying information and discover design fundamentals

Develop a basic understanding of the latest tools for visualising data

Enhance skills in collecting, manipulating, and analysing data, and build fundamental skills in data science and analytics

Meet Your Facilitator

Felipe Rego
Data Science & Analytics Partner

Felipe is a leading advanced analytics and data science partner with extensive industry experience, specializing in helping teams develop, manage, and enhance data science, analytics, and data visualisation solutions. His unique methodology focuses on an organisational approach to using data science and data visualisation to increase transparency, improve performance, and reduce costs.

Felipe offers expertise in Data Science and Analytics Strategy, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Visualisation, Insights Automation, and Analytical Training, both in classrooms and online, empowering organizations and individuals to leverage data and analytics effectively. Felipe holds an M.Phil. in Electrical and Information Engineering with a specialization in Learning Analytics from The University of Sydney and is a Google Cloud Certified Data Engineer. He has also advised the South Australian Health Department’s Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health’s Clinical Informatics Group on data visualisation and storytelling.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 1.2 Day 2: Module 2.1 Day 2: Module 2.2

Fundamentals of data visualisation and storytelling

  • History and fundamentals of data visualisation and storytelling
    • History of data visualisation, recent developments and future outlook  
    • Visualisation to drive decision-making for your department 
    • Knowing why and what your data needs to achieve 
  • Driving an organisation’s data maturity to support compelling data storytelling
    • Making sense of your organisation’s analytics capacity to create compelling data visualisations 
    • Plotting a roadmap from business strategy to data visualisation  
    • Understanding what makes successful organisations do data visualisation right 

Best practices and case studies

  • Key components and best practices in data visualisation
    • Understanding graph theory and colour theory 
    • How different shapes and objects are perceived, and create meaning 
    • Practical interactive activities exploring use cases of data visualisation 
  • Review case studies and data visualisation examples
    • Assess and critique various use cases and meaning of data visualisation 
    • Working with data effectively and the importance of tool selection 
    • Design fundamentals for data visualisation 

Design principles for data visualisation

  • Fundamentals of design principles in the context of data visualisation
    • Formats for data visualisation and presentation – chart types, animation, infographics  
    • Picking the right visual language and graphical form  
    • Simplifying the data to tell your story more effectively 
  • Building narratives for successful data visualisation and storytelling  
    • Learn the power of narrative, and how to effectively communicate with data 
    • Understand the power of visual storytelling 
    • Making the right graphical choices, and controlling the narrative 

Overview of software and tools

  • A brief overview of data visualisation software and other information visualisation tools
    • Explore information presentation tools and software options 
    • Differences between different types of visualisation, tools and best practice 
    • Overview of many commercial as well as open-source tools and applications 
  • Final summative data visualisation & storytelling activity and concluding thoughts 
    • Revisit main themes, tools, techniques and strategies 
    • Apply learning based on a practical, hands-on data visualisation and storytelling exercise 
    • Group discussion, final reflections and insights 


Final Price

$A 1195

per person + GST

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