Service Blueprinting for the Public Sector

April 10 & 17, 2024 I 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

In the dynamic landscape of North American public services, the quest for seamless, personalized omnichannel experiences is met with increasing complexities in delivery. Various stakeholders, a
growing demand for digital accessibility, equity considerations, and more add layers of challenges. Service Blueprinting stands out as a potent methodology to navigate these intricacies, embraced by
governments globally, from Singapore’s GovTech to the UK’s GDS.

Our online course, “Service Blueprinting for Public Sector,” is crafted to empower professionals in this transformative journey. Dive deep into service blueprinting, gaining insights to understand,
analyze, and optimize services. Visualize end-to-end service journeys, unravel interconnected relationships, and identify improvement opportunities.

This course fosters collaboration, encourages learning by doing, and equips you with practical takeaways for immediate implementation. In an era where digital transformation is both imperative and challenging for the North American public sector, this course positions professionals to lead the way forward.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Heads, Managers, Leads and Specialists in:

Customer Experience, Customer Service, Citizen Experience 

Service Delivery, User Experience, Process Improvement and Innovation

Product Management, Service Design and Content Design

Learning Outcomes

Improve internal clarity by better understanding complex services, simultaneously detecting weaknesses and flaws in your service structure.

Visualizing connections between customers, employees, and internal processes reveals potential improvements and eliminates redundancy.


Enhance understanding of key stakeholders in a service, including customers, suppliers, consultants, teams, and employees, to streamline complexity.

Meet Your Facilitator

Catherine Gauthier

Catherine Gauthier, M.SC. CCXP
CX4 Lab & Certified Customer Experience Professional

Catherine Gauthier is a certified customer experience professional (CCXP) with over 16 years of experience in analyzing and planning, at both strategic and operational levels, the delivery of services for customers (in various industries, including B2B, B2C and for government departments and agencies).

She is passionate about customer experience, inspired by Design Thinking & Service Design methods, and on the lookout for new market trends. Catherine has been involved in more than 50 projects for the development of customer experience departments, the mapping of customer journeys, the creation of personas, the deployment of organizational transformation strategies, the development of human capital as well as the implementation of technologies related to customer experience (CRM, CJO, CDP, VOC, call center software, E-commerce).

A real team player, she can mobilize employees toward the achievement of results and business objectives. As a good communicator, she shares her thought leadership about CX at conferences and has created various learning programs about CX. Since 2017, she has lectured at HEC Montreal for undergraduate and executive continuous studies programs. She is the co-founder of the CXPA Quebec community and is now a member of the board of directors for CXPA Canada.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Modules 1 to 3 Day 2: Modules 4 to 5

Module 1 – Benefits and Obstacles of Service Blueprinting

Exploring Service Blueprinting in the Public Sector

  • Purpose and benefits of service blueprinting
  • Distinguishing from process mapping and customer journey mapping
  • Tackling a blueprint: Overview and practical insights

Challenges and Phases

  • Overcoming obstacles in service blueprinting
  • The 6 phases of service blueprinting
  • Stakeholder engagement and planning next steps

Module 2 – Front Stage and Back Stage Processes, Components, and Touchpoints

Understanding Frontstage and Backstage Processes

  • Difference between front-stage and back-stage processes
  • Influence on service quality and driving efficiency

Key Components and Touchpoints

  • Discussing front-stage and back-stage components and touchpoints

Module 3 – Connecting Your Journeys To Create a Unified and Seamless Experience

Understanding Touchpoint Inventory to Manage Citizens’ Interactions

  • Exploring Journey Map Ecosystems
  • From mapping to processes: Creating a services blueprint and value creation stream mapping

Module 4 – Service Blueprinting in Practice

Creating a Service Blueprinting

  • Questions before beginning, framing the problem
  • Understanding blueprint elements: actions, needs, touchpoints, etc.

Activity: Applying Concepts

  • Building a service blueprint based on learned concepts

Module 5 – Group Discussion and Finalization

Group Discussion: Reviewing Service Blueprints and Next Steps

  • Groups present service blueprints for feedback
  • Discussion on challenges, solutions, and applying learnings

Creating a Service Blueprinting


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