Public Sector Certificate in
Strategy & Transformation

February 14 & 21, 2024 | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

In an era where technology is reshaping the very foundation of public services, governments must pivot to remain agile, efficient, and responsive. This course will immerse you in the intricacies of strategy and transformation tailored explicitly for the government environment, informed by global best practices and real-world applications. Armed with insights from seasoned professionals with rich experience in digital transformation, you’ll discover not only the theory behind public sector innovation but also the hands-on skills to instigate meaningful change.

In addition, you’ll access invaluable resources and templates, which will become an indispensable part of your strategic toolkit, empowering you to lead transformative initiatives and drive positive change within your government organization.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for emerging leaders and those looking to move into roles that provide strategic insights.

Assistant Directors




Learning Outcomes

Deep Dive into Digital Transformation: Learn from real-world experiences
how to navigate the complexities of digital transformations in the public sector.

Beyond the Basics: Understand how cutting-edge technologies like VR/AR/ MR can be harnessed for public sector advancements.

Hands-on Approach: Participate in practical exercises like User Journey Mapping, Crazy 8’s Rapid Ideation, and HMWs to grasp real processes, not just theory.

Agile & Scrum: Incorporate agile methodologies and scrum practices for
project efficiency and streamlined processes.

Exclusive templates: Access tailored templates and resources for public sector challenges and learn CX Design principles as they apply to public services.

Meet Your Facilitator

Samantha Yueh

Samantha Yueh is a seasoned Digital Transformation Consultant with a distinguished track record across Canada, Taiwan, and the United States.  

She possesses profound expertise in Agile methodologies and UX design, having facilitated transformative processes for a broad spectrum of industries, from healthcare to gaming. Samantha holds a master’s in digital media from a renowned Canadian institution. Not only is she certified in Scrum and Design Sprint methodologies, but she is also recognized as an industry thought leader. Samantha’s skill set is enhanced by her exceptional capability in stakeholder management, a crucial element in her roles as a trainer and facilitator.  

Her consultancy approach melds cutting-edge technology with the subtleties of human-centric design. She stands out for her unparalleled ability to guide teams, oversee complex projects, and champion innovation. Samantha epitomizes professionalism, consistently setting standards in delivering top-tier user experiences that advance business goals. 

Key Sessions

Day 1 Day 2

Overview of Transformation Strategies

  • Importance of transformation in the public sector.
  • Discussion: Transformations in attendees’ organizations

Operating Models and Their Interactions

  • Introduction to operating models.
  • Their relationship with transformational strategies.

Tools for Operating Model and Transformation Design

  • Essential tools for crafting transformational strategies.
  • Case studies from the Australian Public Sector

Introduction to CX Design and HMWs

  • The role of customer experience in transformation.
  • Exploring HMWs and their relevance.

Value Proposition and Problem Statement Activities

  • Crafting compelling value propositions.
  • Developing problem statements

Basics of Customer Journey Mapping

  • Steps of mapping customer journeys.
  • Brief activity introduction for later in the day

Customer Journey Mapping Activity

  • Map a journey for a public sector service.

Applied Digital Transformation Case Study

  • Brief overview of a successful digital transformation project.
  • Group discussion on potential challenges faced

Recap, Q&A, and End of Day 1

  • Reflection on the day’s topics and activities.
  • Setting the stage for Day 2 and providing a brief overview of the upcoming topics.

Technical Setup and Recap of Day 1

  • Addressing any technical issues.
  • A brief recap of the previous day’s highlights.

Value Chain Mapping and IT Limitations

  • Unpacking the value chain’s significance.
  • Recognizing IT solution limitations.

Process Analysis Overview and Decomposition Activity

  • Introduction to process optimization.
  • Activity: Decompose a process and identify stages.

Measures, KPIs, and Their Relevance

  • Crafting actionable KPIs.
  • Discussion about KPIs in participants’ organizations

Dependency Mapping Overview and Risk Management Discussion

  • Introduction to understanding project dependencies.
  • Crafting mitigation strategies

Synthesis: The Big Picture

  • Integrating concepts, tools, and activities.
  • Discussion on their application in real-life roles.

Applied Case Study Discussion

  • Reviewing a real-world transformation project.
  • Discuss solutions based on the course content.

Closing Remarks, Feedback, and Reflection

  • Sharing feedback on the virtual experience.
  • Encouraging participants to create an actionable plan.
  • Facilitator guidance on setting SMART goals.

Personal Action Planning Activity

  • Participants are to draft their strategies using learned concepts.
  • Group discussion on proposed plans and final Q&A


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