Change Management for

March 6 & 13, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 3:10 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

Optimize Adoption, Address Resistance and Drive Innovation

In today’s dynamic technological landscape, merely initiating a digital transformation isn’t enough. A staggering 70% of these initiatives don’t achieve their objectives, with misalignment across departments, poor communication, and resistance from employees forming significant roadblocks.

Leading digital transformations, especially in the public sector, requires not just technical prowess but also a deep understanding of change management, a skill often underestimated. Drawing from real-world experiences, including noteworthy projects like the 2018 China International Import Expo, this course has been meticulously crafted to equip IT leaders with strategic planning, communication skills, and practical tools necessary to navigate the challenging waters of digital transformation successfully.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Directors, Assistant Directors, Managers, Project Managers, and Leads in charge of transforming all three levels of government including:

ICT, IT, Technology, Technology Operations

Change Management and Business Transformation

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Learning Outcomes

Comprehend the Core Principles of Change
Management: Delve deep into the foundational aspects
of change management, enriched by real-world

Understand the Role of Innovation in Transformation:
Draw connections between change management and
technological innovation, leveraging insights from
projects spanning healthcare, retail, and gaming.

Master Goal Communication & Stakeholder
Engagement: Utilize expert techniques to set,
communicate, and align transformation goals across
diverse team and departments

Tackle Resistance Proactively: Equip yourself with strategies and actionable insights to predict, address,
and mitigate resistance.


Optimize Adoption Through User Experience:
Leverage principles of UX design, understanding its
crucial role in enhancing adoption rates.

Harness Agile & Scrum Methodologies: Gain hands-on
insights into agile practices, drawing from real-world
Agile and Scrum implementations.

Plan for Ongoing Evolution: Set the stage for
continuous improvement, understanding the nuances
beyond mere implementation to ensure sustained

Meet Your Facilitator

Samatha Yueh

Samantha is a seasoned Digital Transformation Consultant with a distinguished track record across Canada, Taiwan, and the United States. She possesses profound expertise in Agile methodologies and UX design, having facilitated transformative processes for a broad spectrum of industries, from healthcare to gaming. Samantha holds a master’s in digital media from a renowned Canadian institution.  

Not only is she certified in Scrum and Design Sprint methodologies, but she is also recognized as an industry thought leader. Samantha’s skill set is enhanced by her exceptional capability in stakeholder management, a crucial element in her roles as a trainer and facilitator.  Her consultancy approach melds cutting-edge technology with the subtleties of human-centric design.

She stands out for her unparalleled ability to guide teams, oversee complex projects, and champion innovation. Samantha epitomizes professionalism, consistently setting standards in delivering top-tier user experiences that advance business goals. 

Key Sessions

Day 1: Modules 1 to 2Day 2: Modules 3 to 4

Module 1 – Principles of Change Management and Real-world Applications

The Dynamics of Change: Setting the Stage

  • Addressing the reasons behind digital transformation failures.
  • Analyzing a case study.

Change Management: Marrying Innovation with Adoption

  • Understanding innovation in the realm of change management.
  • Introduction to VR/AR/MR as future digital transformation tools.

Setting Goals and Crafting a Strategy: From a
Practitioner’s Perspective

  • Insights into effective goal-setting in digital transformation.
  • Exploring the journey of transitioning from Waterfall to Agile.

Embracing Agile and Scrum: Enabling Swift Digital Transformation

  • Overview of the Agile & Scrum methodologies in change management.
  • Extracting lessons from Scrum Master Certification experiences.

Activity: Simulating in Agile Environment for Digital Transformation

  • Immersing attendees in an Agile project simulation.
  • Assessing Agile project outcomes and improvements.

Navigating Resistance, Adoption, and User Experience (UX)

Unlocking Resistance through Effective Communication and Stakeholder Management

  • Techniques for effective communication in change management.
  • Deep diving into the Fun Palace case study to understand stakeholder management.

Enabling Adoption through Intuitive Design and engaging User Experiences

  • Exploring the importance of UX in digital transformation projects.
  • Discussing AR/MR applications and the impact of effective design

Monitoring, Continuous Improvement, and the Path Ahead

Monitoring and Analyzing Progress: Making Informed Decisions

  • Importance of regular tracking and feedback in projects.
  • Delving into challenges faced in international projects

Planning for Continuous Improvement: Beyond ‘Set and Forget’

  • Discussing proactive mindsets and strategies in change management.
  • Leveraging learnings from various industry projects for continuous improvement.

Group Activity: Charting the Way Forward – Using Design Sprint Facilitation Master Techniques

  • Guiding attendees through a design sprint facilitation activity.
  • Collaborative brainstorming on improvements and future strategies


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