Business Architecture in Action

February 13 & 20, 2024 | 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

2024 is set to be another big year for IT in Government, with agencies and departments focusing on boosting and maintaining the momentum of modernization initiatives. Leaders are driven to improve accessibility to digital services, achieve greater seamlessness of online interactions for both employees and external stakeholders, and to propel future initiatives.

The Business Architecture in Action online training course is developed for time-poor IT Managers who are looking to make sense of disparate systems and ambiguous governance through business capability planning and business architecture principles. This course provides an agnostic view of business architecture frameworks and models that you can implement in your projects to achieve alignment of solutions, strategic alignment, and capability.

This course has been designed for Government business executives to apply Business Architecture principles to progress their digital transformation agenda and minimize ambiguity. It will provide you with the tools and models to drive capability-based planning, create business anchor models, assess value chains, and understand the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for managers, leads and analysts in charge of transforming the government including:

Corporate Services,
IT & ICT and
Project Management

People and HR Services,
Finance & Accounts Payable and
Digital & Business Transformation

Project Manager and Leads driving the implementation of ERP, CRM and other software upgrades

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to apply Business Architecture to deliver complex transformational change in Government

Understand how to align capability, value, business to drive successful projects that uplift efficiency and deliver better services 

Gain insight into eliminating project ambiguity and change fatigue with fit-for-purpose modelling 

Benchmark your capability and technology with other public sector leaders

Meet Your Facilitator

Nigel Schmalkuche
Managing Director
Principal Consultant

Nigel Schmalkuche is a business and ICT professional with 25 years of experience in guiding government and private organizations through digital business transformation, particularly in the fields of housing and public works, police and emergency services, elections, health, utilities, and financial institutions.

He has a keen talent for connecting the dots between technology, capability, and strategy. And he has applied this to develop and embed enterprise architecture practices; shaped strategic roadmaps, upskilled key stakeholders; designed solutions to navigate complex challenges to drive transformational change. 

Nigel is a TOGAF 9.2 Certified Enterprise Architect with 17 years of experience in implementing enterprise architecture to achieve business outcomes. In addition, he has authored two books, Data to Insight and AI and Data Strategy, and is currently working on a third! 

Key Sessions

Module 1: Business Architecture in GovernmentModule 2: Business ModelsModule 3: Digital Business TransformationModule 4: Build a In-Flight Model

Understanding Business Architecture in Context of Government

  • An introduction to Business Architecture and how it can be applied to drive complex transformation in local government
  • Identifying the success factor and shortcomings of Business Architecture
  • Exploring Business Architecture Frameworks

Business Models to Unlock Your Transformation Strategy: Identifying the Problem

  • Evaluating the biggest challenges and common pitfalls you upgrading digital platforms and driving transformational change
  • Uncovering and articulating the Real Problem: Process, Capability, Technology or Mindsets?
  • Mapping out the key activities, resources, and capabilities that are critical to solving your problem and progressing your digital uplift journey

Capability Mapping to Identify the Gaps and Make the Most of the Resources you Have

  • Discussing Value Chains and understanding how to apply this to your own organization
  • Addressing the gaps: Which capabilities need improvement
  • Optimizing your existing resources to further your transformation agenda

Capability Mapping in Action: Break out Activity

The participants will be asked to build a value chain for their own organization and/or project using the principles and frameworks learned earlier in the day. At the end of the session, you will have identified the gaps and prioritized capability improvement. Plus you will identify the existing resources that can be optimized to drive your strategy ahead.

Establishing a Business Anchor Model for Your Council based on Your Transformation Agenda

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of your key stakeholders across the organization
  • Creating a Business Anchor Model based on responsibilities, capabilities, and resources
  • What makes an effective Business Anchor Model: The dos and don’ts

Group Activity: Create a Business Anchor Model

The participants will be asked to build a Business Anchor Model for their own organization and/or project using the principles learned earlier. At the end of the session, you will have set up a big “enterprise view” of the key stakeholders that you can then use to address any ambiguity, use as a credible practical artifact to build engagement, and secure executive buy-in.

Effectively Manage Live Projects and Re-align Project

  • Applying the model to measure the live transformations and its impact on other projects
  • Using insights to re-orient and re-align projects as they progress and the business needs to evolve

Group Activity: Build an In-Flight Model

The participants will be asked to build an In-Flight Model for their own organization and/or project using the principles learned earlier. At the end of the session, you will have set up an Inflight View that can be applied to measure progress and realign as the business needs change.


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