Reach a targeted nationwide government audience, online from the comfort of their desks.

For our industry sponsors, these short and effective sessions provide a hassle-free and cost-effective ‘plug and play’ sponsorship opportunity. Allowing you to reach nationwide audiences across 10 public sector communities online and generate hundreds of leads without the complexities of in-person events.

In addition to lead generation, there are also opportunities for sponsors to profile and poll our audience, as well as content creation for post-event follow up.

Minimal effort, ‘Plug and play’ sponsorship opportunity

Generate hundreds of high quality leads that fit your target profile

Profile and poll our audience to derive meaningful market insights

Opportunity for content creation post-event

What your peer’s had to say

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“The event was very well organised. It ran on time and there were no tech glitches, which is a great thing with digital events.”

“Thank you for the top-notch management of our sponsorship – really appreciated the ease of process.”

“Information provided was well structured and the event was of high standard – even while being fully digital.”

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