Content syndication (PPL)

We build the advertising campaigns. We build the landing pages and funnels. We cover the cost of the media spend. You close the deals.

Our powerful lead generation programs are designed to maximise the impact of your own marketing content by getting it in the hands of the right audience, amplifying its effectiveness many times over.

You provide us with a white paper or eBook and tell us what your ideal buyer persona looks like 

We distribute your piece of content to segments within our audience that match your criteria 

Our team will be in regular contact and provide lead reports so you know how well your asset is performing 

We deliver high quality leads matching your target audience profile

You only buy exactly what you need, to ensure you meet your cost-per-lead and total lead targets 


What your peer’s had to say

“Thank you for all of your hard work on this, we’ve had such great results!”

“Thank you for the top-notch management of our sponsorship – really appreciated the ease of process.”

The PSN team members have so much market knowledge and are able to provide valuable insights on our audiences.”

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