HR & Analytics in the Public Sector

People are the backbone of any organisation, and HR branches are often complex because of the issues they need to deal with.

Analytics tools are often useful when dealing with people and forecasting future trends in HR.

This paper brings together the perspectives of three workforce analysts who use analytics as part of their HR toolkits to better deal with their current workforce and to predict future capabilities. The lessons from these perspectives can assist anyone who deals with people or large departments.

  • Analytics tools can assist in dealing with people and HR branches
  • Analytics can help to predict trends and the future of HR
  • First it is important to understand the state of the current workforce
  • At the Ministry of the Justice in the UK, they have employed a five-point strategic workforce planning tool to assess their current workforce and predict future trends
  • At the NSW Public Service Commission, they are focussing on digital capabilities as they encompass so many other HR practices and trends
  • At the Australian Taxation Office, they are looking at their past, present and future trends to enable better decision-making for their employees
  • Moving forward, these tools, plans and trends will need to be further embraced by governments and employees

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