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The Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC) and the Public Sector Network are collaborating to deliver Cyber Collaborate: The Australian Cyber Security Conference on Tuesday, 11 October 2022, in Canberra.

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Rachael Falk


Cyber Security CRC

Ahead of the event, we were grateful to have had the opportunity to interview Rachael Falk , CEO of Cyber Security CRC in an intimate conversation. The conversation revolved around her thoughts about the event and the unique pressures and challenges faced by senior government leaders in the Cyber realm.

What are some of the biggest cybersecurity threats facing government right now?

While we need to adapt and respond quickly to cyber threats, when it comes to strengthening our own defences, we also need to think carefully about the ethical implications of modern technologies.

It is a tricky and delicate balancing act. We do need to consider what should be done with technology, rather than just being swept up in what could be done, and the endless potential of the digital world we live in. Importantly, we also need to remember that trends and crystal ball gazing is vital but just getting the basics right is something that the government also needs to keep firmly in its sights.

In addition, there remains limited understanding of cyber security in the public. While cut through is hard, there is a need to really bring all Australians on this journey.

How do you create a culture of cyber awareness of across your department /agency / organisation?

Awareness is key and education is paramount, and it is everyone’s responsibility to have good cyber hygiene. We all understand the importance of physical security measures – and cyber security measures are no different. All it takes is one person to click on one bad link and entire organisations can be brought down.

Too many people wrongly believe a cyber-attack will not happen to them – anyone can be targeted. So really making sure that message is clear that it can happen to anyone, is important. The three Ps lay at its heart – people, passwords, and patching.

Why should your peers and colleagues attend this event?

It is important to have robust, informative, and thought-provoking discussions about the dynamic digital world we live in, so that we can tackle and manage the challenges the best way possible – together. This is not just government’s problem to solve- this requires all of us to play a part.

Why are you looking forward to this event?

There is no country or government that has this sorted out and exposure to latest ideas or different perspectives is vital to ensuring that we are heading in the right direction. I always look forward and welcome the opportunity to meet with others in government and industry to discuss issues involving cyber security and technologies.

The possibilities in this space are endless but there are many challenges that come with it, which is why it is so important that we get it right. An event like this, goes a long way in helping us do that.

Cyber Collaborate is providing a valuable opportunity to meet and hear from the nation’s top cyber security policy and practice experts, taking a timely and integrated approach to cyber security. Join us and be a part of this valuable conversation.

We look forward to meeting you in-person.
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