Digital Transformation &
Innovation in Taxation

Thursday, September 22, 2022 | 12:00-1:00pm ET / 9:00-10:00am PT | Online

Event Overview

Providing taxpayers with a seamless digital experience.

COVID-19 was a turning point for tax authorities, allowing them to instore and further develop digital services and touchpoints for citizens, customers, and clients around the nation. Whether the IRS specifically or State & Local authorities – the digital transformation of taxation services and unemployment insurance delivery has never been more robust.

This unique moment in time has allowed leaders to capture the imagination of the public by offering digital touchpoints that further democratize engagement with tax authorities and allows for those same authorities to reassess communication, engagement, and service delivery. As leaders nationwide grapple with the best route to take to further ensure accessibility for all – the opportunity to engage with peers and understand what additional innovations can be brought to bear cannot be understated.

Join Digital Transformation and Taxation leaders from across the nation for Public Sector Network’s Digital Transformation & Innovation in Taxation webinar as we provide a deep-dive into the forces driving innovation, the means by which to achieve that innovation, and the impact it is having on people and institutions.

Benefits of Attending

Discuss how the IRS’s Online Service has transformed over recent years, the journey its leaders have embarked upon, and the impact upon taxpayers.

Examine examples of public sector leading taxation transformation initiatives reframing service delivery around the country.

Explore how digital transformation can help to tailor experiences for taxpayers.

Featured Speakers

Karen S. Howard

Karen S. Howard
Head of Online Services
Internal Revenue Service

Ryan Minnick,
Chief Operating Officer
Federation of Tax Administrators

Mary Martin Mitchell
Acting Director, Tax Policy and Governmental Affairs Division
Alabama Department of Revenue

Richard Offenbecher

Richard Offenbecher
Chief Information Officer
Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Mike Baca

Mike Baca
Chief Information Officer, New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department

Michelle Reed, Principal, Digital Tax Administration – Government Services

Tony LaBove, Partner & US Government & Public Sector Tax Leader 

Ashley Kent
Taxpayer Experience Analyst
Internal Revenue Services

Key Sessions

KeynotePanel Discussion

Seizing the Moment: Transforming the IRS Online Service

The IRS has not traditionally been known for innovation, but in recent years they have been implementing industry best practices to improve the taxpayer experience. Individual taxpayers can now access their account information via self-service, make payments towards their tax liability, manage preferences, approve authorizations, and more. Join Karen Howard and Ashley Kent for an exploration of the development and future of IRS Online Services and how the new digital paradigm is redefining our relationship with the IRS.
Karen S. Howard, Head of Online Services, Internal Revenue Service
Ashley Kent, Taxpayer Experience Analyst, Internal Revenue Service

Putting the Pandemic to Work: Leveraging the Opportunity to Digitally Transform Tax & Unemployment Insurance Services

The pandemic gave tax administrations a taste of what digital transformation can offer; but it also created new challenges requiring innovative responses. Now, they have an opportunity to realize far bigger possibilities – from giving taxpayers a more tailored experience, to being an integral part of a seamless digital state. With so much at stake across tax administrations – leaders across all levels of the public sector are driving added innovations and transforming how citizens, residents, taxpayers, and other interested parties are engaging with, and benefiting from digital transformation.
Ryan Minnick, COO, FTA
Mary Martin Mitchell,
Acting Director, Tax Policy and Governmental Affairs Division, Alabama Department of Revenue
Richard (Rick) Offenbecher,
CIO, Wisconsin Department of Revenue
Mike Baca,
CIO, New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
Moderator: Michelle Reed,
Principal, Digital Tax Administration – Government Services, EY

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