Government Procurement
Transformation Insights

Online: Wednesday, September 7, 2022 | 12:00-2:40pm ET

Event Overview

Delivering a simpler, more accessible, and cost-efficient public procurement system.

Procurement is a key strategic process for the public sector to satisfy its constituents by delivering the right products and services on time. Technology is at the core of implementing a successful procurement process. The objective of procurement transformation is to perform tasks and processes more efficiently using technology to deliver benefits seamlessly, without impacting its current operation. Without a robust procurement platform, it can be difficult for agencies to scale their procurement processes or address the challenges of transparency.

Public Sector Network invites you to join the conversation at our virtual event: Government Procurement Transformation Insights. We will bring together thought leaders as they examine such topics as Artificial Intelligence (AI), a supplier diversity program, efficiencies through a client service model, procurement and technology modernization, and technology/transparency in government contracting.

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Benefits of Attending

Identify best practices in artificial Intelligence (AI), a supplier diversity program, efficiencies through a
client service model, procurement and technology modernization, and technology/transparency in
government contracting

Examine strategies to engage with minority groups in the public sector through a supplier diversity program

Learn how technology can help overcome the top barriers to modern procurement, and what improvements are needed

Examine and address challenges that occur from procurement drive initiatives

A Sneak Peek Of Your Inspiring Speakers:

JAIME SCHORR - Chief Procurement Officer, State of Maine

Jamie Schorr
Chief Procurement
State of Maine

George Schutter
Chief Procurement
District of Columbia

Sean Carroll
Chief Procurement Officer
New York State Office of General Services

Gregory Spearman
Purchasing Director
City of Tampa

Michael McKenna Miller
Director of Strategic Procurement, Administration and Finance
City of Boston

Juliet Misconi
Chief Procurement Officer
City of Palm Bay Procurement Department

Sheshe Segar
Executive Director of Operations & Chief Diversity Officer
New York City Commission on Human Rights

Andy Malay Vice President, Public Sector Coupa Software

Andy Malay
Vice President, Public Sector
Coupa Software

Mike Maxwell Vice President, State and Local Government and Education (SLED) Coupa Software

Mike Maxwell
Vice President, State and Local Government and Education (SLED)
Coupa Software

Jennifer Sulentic, Public Procurement Ally, CompareCoOps

Jennifer Sulentic
Public Procurement Ally

public sector network man speakers image

Jonathan Ozovek
Chief Transformation Officer – SLED
Iron Bow

Key Sessions

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions in Procurement

Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into your procurement processes will give your team the tools it needs to support agency goals while setting a new standard for transforming data into a greater process efficiency, that’s agile, resilient, and ready for challenges. Key areas integrating artificial intelligence (AI) can support Procurement in:

  • Make better decisions- artificial intelligence (AI) can provide timely analytics and data-driven insights to make better sourcing decisions
  • Identify new opportunities-shifting through vast amounts of data, artificial intelligence (AI) can uncover new savings or revenue opportunities
  • Improve operations-artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to streamline or align internal operations

Promoting Procurement Efficiencies through a Client Service Model

Public procurement professionals are highly engaged in the intricacies of the procurement process. When procurement leaders seek to improve the efficiency of the procurement operations, the first inclination is to make changes to the procurement process. Reframing how we conduct acquisitions through a client services model provides a solution to increased efficiency by creating an individualized client-centric procurement experience. By assuming the role of business advisor, public procurement professionals can proactively engage clients and vendors to obtain a meeting of the minds between industry and the public sector, while also improving service delivery.

Inclusion and Innovation: Why do you need a Supplier Diversity Program?

As experts in the field of supplier diversity, our panelists will be discussing how government can build a Supplier Diversity program into their purchasing efforts in an equitable and effective way. This panel will address:

  • What is supplier diversity, and what is it not?
  • Why does supplier diversity matter to governments?
  • What does a supplier diversity program look like?
  • What are the benefits and challenges of building a supplier diversity program for your organization?
  • What is the economic impact of inclusive procurement?
  • How can supplier diversity be monitored and tracked effectively?

Technology and Transparency in Government Contracting

The public sector purchasing departments are adapting to fundamental changes in how RFPs are designed and distributed, as well as how government contracts are awarded. The arrival of new technologies to streamline the RFP process, make it easier for contractors to find and bid on opportunities, have had a positive impact on the procurement process.

Technology improvements will continue to play important roles in public sector contracting. As buying organizations and vendors increasingly adopt the technologies that disrupt conventional procurement processes, so too will the expectation of transparency become more prevalent at every step of government contracting

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What Your Peers Had to Say

Great lineup of speakers and panelists! It’s always great to hear about what others in the Industry are doing and positively impacting others.”
 – U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Very compelling to hear other leaders around the country trying to tackle these difficult questions. This is an opportunity to hear what has worked (or not) and spark ideas for our own communities.”
 – City of Richmond, Virginia

The information was very practical and highlighted everyday issues we encounter. I believe case studies help a lot in making the case for some of the more abstract concepts, so the real scenarios were really useful.”
– Broward County, Florida

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