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Virtual Event

Wed. December 8, 2021 &
Thu. December 9, 2021 | 12pm ET

Event Overview

As we begin to break free from the confines of COVID; a “renewed normal” has begun to take shape across the country. 

Now, more than ever, public sector innovation is a must. By leveraging new approaches to old problems – from policy design to service delivery, new technologies and improving the use of data – we stand to improve the performance and responsiveness of government to the challenges we face today. Ensuring that recovery is both fast and equitable, we need to collaborate, share ideas and accelerate innovation throughout the public sector, ultimately to delivery better services to all stakeholders, and better outcomes for citizens. 

In that spirit, Public Sector Network would like to invite you to join the conversation at our Government Innovation FEDERAL virtual event – where we will spotlight both leaders, and initiatives, from across the Federal Government that will inspire and motivate you to keep reaching for excellence! Gain the ideas, the inspiration, and the practical knowhow needed to drive innovation in this new era. 

“A great collaborative day. It was interesting to share journeys and challenges from other agencies and to hear from agency leaders. ”

Department of Education

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2021 Featured Speakers

Ann Dunkin

Chief Information Officer,
US Department of Energy

Courtney A. Winship

Deputy Chief Data Officer,
USCIS, US Department of Homeland Security

Karen S. Howard

Director of the Office of Online Services,
Internal Revenue Service

Zunera Mazhar

Deputy Chief Innovation Officer,
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Scott E. Simpson

Digital Transformation Lead – Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, Procurement Innovation Lab,
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Scott Beliveau

Branch Chief, Enterprise Advanced Analytics, Office of the CTO,
US Patent & Trademark Office

Donald E. Bauer

Chief Technology Officer, Office of Technology Services, Global Talent Management, Executive Office,
U.S. Department of State

Todd Cheng

Director of Customer Care & Support,
US Department of State

Gabrielle Perret

Director of the Federal RPA Community of Practice,

Captain Michael Ahmadi

Team Lead, Digital Communications at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute,
National Institutes of Health

Jeff Reichard

Senior Director, Enterprise Strategy,
Veeam Government Solutions

Steve Witt

Director, Public Sector,

Sabra Horne

Brian Miller
VP, Strategic Development,BMNT

Patrick Bruszewski
Specialist Solutions Architect,Red Hat

Agenda Snapshot

Wednesday, December 8, 2021Thursday, December 9, 2021
  • 12:00pm ET

    PSN Welcome & Opening Remarks from the Chair: Setting the Strategy for Innovation in the Public Sector

  • 12:20pm ET

    Government Keynote Session: Leveraging Process & Cultural Innovation in Disruptive Times

  • 12:40pm ET

    Government Case Study: Leveraging AI for Past Performance Assessment

  • 12:55pm ET

    Partner Session: Topic TBD

  • 1:10pm ET

    Panel Discussion: Integrating Emerging Technology into Existing Operations

  • 1:45pm ET

    Fireside Chat: Leading by Listening to Your Customers: Applying Innovation to Transform the Taxpayer Experience

  • 2:00pm ET

    Government Case Study: After Action Reporting: Designing Your Improvement Plan

  • 2:15pm ET

    Partner Session: Leveraging FedRAMP Authorization to Drive Innovation in Automation

  • 2:30pm ET

    Panel Session: Leading Innovation – Lessons Learned from Catalysts and Trailblazers

  • 3:00pm ET

    Closing Remarks from the Chair & Event Adjourns

  • 12:00pm ET

    PSN Welcome & Opening Remarks from the Chair: Setting the Strategy for Innovation in the Public Sector

  • 12:20pm ET

    Government Keynote Session: Building our Innovation Capabilities: People, Processes and Technology

  • 12:40pm ET

    Government Case Study: Topic TBD

  • 12:55pm ET

    Partner Session: Topic TBD

  • 1:10pm ET

    Government Case Study: State of Federal RPA Report: 2021 Snapshot

  • 1:55pm ET

    Partner Session: Streamlining and automating processes

  • 1:55pm ET

    Fireside Chat: Spinning-In: Developing a Venture Capital Model for Federal Innovation

  • 1:50pm ET

    Partner Session: Topic TBD

  • 2:05pm ET

    Panel Session: A Practical Guide to Procedural Innovation

  • 2:35pm ET

    Closing Remarks from the Chair & Event Adjourns

Why Federal Government Leaders Attend

Explore the Innovations – both technological and cultural – that will define the future of the public sector

Leverage lessons learned from crisis-driven responses to COVID-19 to reprioritize your processes and services in a way that supports efficiency, usability, equity & inclusivity

Explore policies and perspectives that will help you to better adhere to your vision – and identify the right people, processes, and tools to support that vision

Discuss opportunities to learn new skills, increase capabilities, and reduce redundancies

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