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Government Cyber Insights – Spring Edition

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 | Online at 12:00-2:40pm EST

Event Overview

Adapting for a More Resilient Enterprise in the Next Normal

As government services and workflows become increasingly digitized – the nature and need for improved cyber defense is central to the very core of government endeavors. Without improved security frameworks to defend critical infrastructure, data, and other essential information – government will continue to remain vulnerable to cyber threats and actors the world over.

Recent events have continued to reinforce the need for government – at all levels – to ensure all aspects of enterprise risk are assessed and addressed. Public sector leaders aren’t resting on their laurels or awaiting the next crisis – with innovation abounding across government agencies and departments as leaders continue to strive towards more resiliency. We’re moving beyond just adapting to the next normal – and learning to thrive within it.

Public Sector Network’s Government Cyber Insights: Spring Edition virtual event will convene experts and public sector thought leaders as they examine and explore enterprise risk, cyber defense, and information security in an increasingly perilous environment. Join us as we focus on key learnings and actions that will help government departments and agencies continue their momentum in providing safe and secure services.

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Benefits of Attending

Discuss how to integrate cyber response into your organizational culture

Reexamine our security controls auditing process and the impact of NIST upon your cyber defense strategy

Examine the ongoing impact of distributed
workforce and the innovations being applied to ensure secure communications and engagement
with office-based, home-based, and field-based staff

Explore how leaders across government are
innovating in the face of limited budgets and
increasing threats

Your Inspiring Speakers:

Anthony Rodgers
Director of Technology
Transformation Services

State of Michigan
Department of Technology,
Management & Budget

Mike Foster Chief Information Security Officer Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Mike Foster
Chief Information
Security Officer

Wisconsin Department of

Alex Jackson
Chief Information Security Officer & Chief Privacy Officer
South Carolina
Department of Revenue

Deshard Stevens, Chief Information Security Officer, New York City Commission on Human Rights

Deshard Stevens
Chief Information Security Officer
New York City Commission on Human Rights

public sector network woman image

Nancy Gariché
Project Co-Leader

Fadi Fadhil, Cyber Security Strategist, Palo Alto Networks

Fadi Fadhil
Cyber Security Strategist
Palo Alto Networks

Alexa Stephen, Sales Engineer, Rubrik

Alexa Stephen
Sales Engineer

Key Sessions

Government KeynoteGovernment Case StudyFireside ChatPanel Discussion

Improving the Auditing of Security Controls: Rethinking & Reinterpreting the NIST Framework

As layer upon layer of regulatory requirements and policies build up over time – Information Security and Technology leaders find themselves striving for greater balance in their cyber security posture. While the auditing process is intended to improve that security position and effectiveness, it is often addressed from a one-size fits all approach – not necessarily allowing for flexibility of approach and application. Join Anthony Rodgers as he provides insight into how to reconsider the NIST Framework to maximize its impact upon your unique cyber situation.

Featuring Anthony Rodgers, Director of Technology Transformation Services, State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget

Ensuring Enterprise Security via Sound Decision Making

The ongoing nature of cyber-attacks, and the reality of limited means with which to defend, have caused public sector leaders to approach data and network security by being more deliberate with their strategies. Wisconsin’s centralized cyber stance, coupled with meaningful cross-departmental collaboration via an IT Security Officers Commission and an IT Director’s Council, and a laser-like focus on meeting regulations – have helped to empower leaders like Mike Foster to make robust headway in ensuring enterprise security State-wide. Join Mike for insight on how the State of Wisconsin, and the Department of Revenue, have been able to develop that

Featuring Mike Foster, Chief Information Security Officer, Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Threat Intelligence: Parsing Cyber Security Vulnerabilities & Assessing Threats

As potential threats abound – both foreign and domestic – assessing, understanding, and targeted specific threat actors is more of a luxury than common practice throughout the public sector. While there are reports and dispatches warning of potential threats and security vulnerabilities – those are broad-based – not allowing for targeted cyber defense initiatives against specific threats. The panel will explore how to best assess and address security vulnerabilities and threats.

Alex Jackson, CISO & CPO, South Carolina Department of Revenue

Moderator: Fadi Fadhil, Cyber Security Strategist, Palo Alto Networks

Cyber Security’s New Normal: Endpoint as the Starting Point

With a shift to a more distributed workforce over the past two years – information security has only increased in complexity. Ensuring that all access points to your network are secure is a major challenge requiring strategy, training, and technology. As leaders around the public sector have come to grips with this new reality quickly – reframing your strategy with endpoint as your starting point takes more consideration.

  • Explore how public sector leaders are incorporating endpoint security as an essential component to information security
  • Discuss how training is central to a successful transformation
  • Examine the technologies that can help to ensure meaningful and sound security measures

Deshard Stevens, Chief Information Security Officer, New York City Commission on Human Rights

Nancy Gariché, Project Co-Leader, OWASP DevSlop

Moderator: Fadi Fadhil, Cyber Security Strategist, Palo Alto Networks

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