Framing & Solving Problems with Human Centred Design

28 October and 4 November 2022 | 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM AEST | Online

Training Overview

Creating and Improving Physical & Digital Products and Services

As a Project Manager in the Public Sector you have to navigate a whole host of complexities: multiple stakeholders (often with conflicting interests), tight budgets, changing work environments and end-users with diverse needs.

Human-centred design (HCD) offers an antidote to address the complexity. Commonly used in design and management frameworks HCD enables you to develop solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process.

Join this 8-hour training course that aims to provide time poor, public sector project managers with the tools to unlock better social outcomes and solve problems with Human Centred Design.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for project managers and cross-functional business leads charged with driving transformation change in all three levels of government including:

Project Manager and Project Leads

Business Process Improvement Managers, Leads,

UX Managers, UX Leads and Service Designers

Learning Outcomes

Focused on actionable insights

Implementing a people-first perspective; effective iteration and working visually; guiding convergent and divergent thinking

Learn with a renowned HCD expert and educator

Your facilitator has
worked with government entities in Australia and overseas

Build an in-depth understanding

Internal and external stakeholders with ethnographic research

Gaining an understanding of the HCD methodologies

Identifying the best combination for you, plus how to embed and scale HCD

Meet Your Facilitator

Denise Belling,
Human-Centered Design Facilitation, Training, Strategy & Consulting,

Denise is passionate about making meaningful things better through creating conditions, and being a catalyst for mindsets, behaviours, and skills to achieve real-world innovation through authentic empathy and diverse collaboration.

With a deep curiosity, continuous learning mindset, and real-world pragmatism, Denise loves to help people and organisations to work better together through approaches that enable being real about what it means to be authentically and fallibly human and facilitating the small things that can make big differences to communication and collaboration.

Extensive experience across the spectrum of human centred design leadership, strategy, innovation education, and capability building with a broad range of individuals and organisations throughout Australia, South & South East Asia, and Europe for more than 15yrs, she has worked with specialist human-centred consultancies, in-house in government, corporate and not-for-profits,
and is currently freelance consulting and educating, including for the past 7yrs in partnership with the LUMA Institute.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 2 Day 2: Module 3Day 2: Module 4

Introducing Human Centred Design: What it is and isn’t

  • How to Get the Most Out of This Session – Participation Principles, Tech, and Tools
  • An Introduction to Human Centred Design
    • Human Centred Design and the power of the human perspective
    • Understanding how to apply HCD to design products, services, digital and physical experiences
    • Learning the difference between HCD for improvement and HCD for the creation
  • It’s Not a Process! Frameworks & Tools for Working With Human-Centred Design
    • An overview of various HCD frameworks; the pros and cons
    • Adopting a framework for convergent thinking and divergent thinking
    • Identifying the best framework or combination of frameworks for your problem

Exploring and Framing the ‘Right’ Problem/s

  • The Importance of Exploring the Problem With Your Team
    • The role of Ethnographic Research in HCD
    • Investigating the benefits of research interviews, contextual inquiries, and fly-on-the-wall activities
    • Analysing and synthesizing research data to determine audience profile, empathy maps, and journey maps
  • Group Activity: Framing your problem and identifying the best HCD tool-kit to solve it

Achieving the Most Impactful Solutions

  • Mindsets, Power Dynamics, and Biases
    • A deep dive into stakeholder and ecosystem mapping
    • Investigating biases and power dynamics
    • Synthesizing this data to stakeholder profiles
  • Uncovering Common Points of Failure and Strategies to Avoid Them
    • Why some HCD projects do not succeed
    • Identifying the key points of failure and how you can mitigate these risks
    • Lessons learned from the real-world case studies and references to past experience

Making HCD a Part of Your Everyday Work and Life

  • Scaling and Embed Human Centred Design in Your Organisation
    • Outlining the next steps to progress your journey
    • Shifting mindset, gaining allies, and driving culture change
    • Embedding HCD principles into your Business-as-Usual
  • Activity: Applying the HCD principles learned today to solve their chose problem


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