Power BI Intermediate

28 & 30 November 2023, 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Harness the power of your data

The Power BI Intermediate training is designed for professionals who have a basic understanding of Power BI but are looking to expand their skills and gain deeper insights into their data. The training covers advanced data modeling techniques, empowering attendees to optimise performance and accuracy of their data.

The course also covers the use of DAX functions and calculations for complex data analysis, allowing attendees to uncover valuable insights and trends in their data. In addition, attendees will learn how to create interactive and visually appealing dashboards and reports with Power BI’s robust visualization tools, helping them to effectively communicate their findings to stakeholders.

With the skills gained from this training, attendees will be able to take their data analysis to the next level, making informed decisions and drive success for their departments and agencies.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for heads, directors, assistant directors, managers, and team leaders in charged in all three levels of government including:

Data Science, Analysis and Engineering

Business Intelligence

Solution Architects

Learning Outcomes

Build your own Power BI report and develop a
comprehensive hands on understanding of the

Creation of interactive and visually appealing
dashboards and reports with Power BI’s robust
visualization tools.

Advanced data modeling techniques for optimizing
performance and data accuracy.

Mastery of advanced calculations and DAX functions for complex data analysis.

Meet Your Facilitator


Hi, I’m Michael Scholtz the owner and founder of RonInsights and I love Power BI! This unique and robust product is my primary tool in bringing data driven professionals closer to their data; in turn helping them make better data driven decisions. With over a decade of analytical experience, I have created reports across multiple industries spanning from USA, Europe and APAC and now I want to share these skills and Power BI knowledge with you.

I realised that data driven insights might not always apparent to the business, that stakeholders who have the most to gain are not always capable or willing to do the analysis themselves and that those who have the most to gain, might be resistant to changing the status quo.

Turning data into meaningful and impactful insights, enabled me to improve customer experience, grow revenue channels, reduce waste, save time, improve staff/customer retention rates and change the mindset of an entire organisation.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1.1Day 1: Module 1.2 Day 2: Module 2.1Data 2: Module 2.2
  • Bringing data into Power BI
    • Bringing the datasets into Power BI
    • Preview and discuss the dataset
    • Three separate datasets to create the big picture
  • Creating DIM_DATES and Fiscal DIM_DATES from front and back end
    • Create a dataset to provide “perfect’ dates from DAX code on the back end
    • Expanding on datapoints to enrich your dataset
  • Creating relationships
    • Bring your uploaded datasets together by creating relationships
    • Manual vs auto relationships
    • 1 to * vs * to * vs 1 to 1
    • Relationships structure, filtering directions
  • Unique ways of creating a report look and feel
    • Choosing a design template for your project
    • Modifying templates
    • Basic design elements
    • Designing and importing custom layouts
  • Simple DAX
    • Count, sum, averages
    • Measures within measures
  • Dax intermediate
    • Calculate and time intelligence formula’s
    • Using Quick Measures
    • Using saved DAX formula’s
    • Creating switches to toggle between formula’s
  • Grouping, merging tables and calculations for data transformation
    • Cloning datasets to transforming and extract valuable insights
  • M language for transforming data
    • Brief run through M language for calculated columns
  • Creating and importing visuals
    • Designing our course material
    • Five pages to visualise unique elements of the course data
    • Discuss multiple visualsDemonstrating new skills in personal project
    • Text, pie, line, bar, stacked, maps, tables, call outs, scatter charts and many more
    • Import new visuals from market place
  • Lay out concepts
    • What to thinking about, what to add and when to hold back
  • Embracing bookmarks to create something unique
    • Bookmarks are more than bookmarks
    • Hiding elements, change visuals and navigate pages

  • Implementing page indexing
    • Simple and advanced page indexing
  • Pushing visuals further
    • Using visuals to enrich your dataset and provide further analytics
  • Implementing page indexing
    • Simple and advanced page indexing
  • Publishing
    • Publishing reports
    • Quick insights
    • Sharing
    • Security
  • Creating a dashboard
    • Using our reports to create a dashboard
  • What can be done online
    • Create a mobile friendly report
  • Creating a simple App
    • Completing the course by turning out report into a App
  • Breakout Group Activity:
    • Demonstrating new skills in personal project


Final Price


per person + GST

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