Inclusive Recruitment and Retention

Tuesday, 17 to Wednesday 18 October 2023 | 10:00am – 2:30pm AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Building bridges and bridging differences for more equitable workforce

Modern Australia is a hotpot of diversity. Many Australians of working age are diverse in terms of their culture, race, gender, age, sexuality, religious practices and physical or mental disabilities. In the workplace, such diversity can enhance business outcomes through different perspectives, knowledge and lived experiences.

As one of Australia’s biggest employers, it is vitally important that the government leads the way in attracting, recruiting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds.

This course has been developed for junior to mid-level managers who are responsible for the recruitment and retention of staff in a wide variety of public sector roles. This course will teach you how to attract a wide range of candidates for vacant positions, how to recruit in a fair, ethical and transparent manner, and how to ensure all candidates are welcomed into the workplace without bias.

You will leave with skills, knowledge, tips and tricks that you can apply straight away, and that you’ll wish you had known sooner!

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for heads, managers, leads, officers and specialists, in charge of transforming all three levels of government including:

Recruitment, Hiring and Talent Acquisition

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

HR and Equal Employment Opportunity

Learning Outcomes

Keep up with the most recent issues, trends, and best techniques in inclusive recruitment 

Increase your understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion 

Design and implement recruitment processes that are free from bias and promote fairness and equity 

Obtain practical skills and tools to attract, recruit and retain diverse talent 

Meet Your Facilitator

Human Resources and Training Consultant 
Wellington Consulting 

Kerri Wellington is a highly experienced Human Resources and Training Professional who specialises in developing and supporting emerging leaders and managers to develop and maintain an effective, productive and healthy workplace.

She has worked with a variety of SMEs and government agencies, including not-for-profits and blue-chip organisations.In addition to her over 10 years of experience as a Human Resources Manager, she is an experienced conference facilitator, keynote speaker and trainer.

Her experience is supported by a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, Diploma of Training Design and Development, and Diploma of Quality Auditing. Kerri is a very personable and energetic presenter who engages with her audience in a relaxed and interactive manner to enhance learning and encourage active questioning.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1.1Day 1: Module 1.2 Day 2: Module 2.1Day 2: Module 2.2
  • What is Diversity and what does it mean in the workplace?
    • Understanding different types of diversity and the challenges posed
    • Understanding the positive impacts of diversity in the workplace
    • Understanding the legal implications of EEO
  • Preparing to Recruit
    • The importance of a robust Position Description 
    • How to write a robust Position Description 
    • Confirming mandatory and flexible selection criteria 
    • Considering ways to accommodate special needs 
  • Developing the Job Advertisement
    • What needs to be included
    • How to use words to encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds
    • Where and how to advertise vacancies
  • Processing Applications
    • How to use impartial selection criteria
    • How to ‘read between the lines’ of resumes and cover letters
  • Managing Applications
    • How to effectively conduct a telephone screening
    • What you can and can’t ask
    • Narrowing down to an interview shortlist 

  • The Interview
    • The structure of an effective interview 
    • Asking the tricky questions 
    • Getting the information, you need to make an unbiased and informed choice 
  • Starting off the right way
    • How to prepare for the new employee 
    • The importance of a positive welcome 
    • Supports available to the organisation 
    • What needs to be included in an induction 
  • Providing Ongoing Support
    • How and when to check in 
    • Managing the Probation Process in fair and ethical manner 
    • Legal and ethical obligations
  • Staff Retention
    • Creating an Inclusive Culture 
    • Promoting awareness and understanding within your workplace 
    • Rewards and recognition 
    • Measuring the success of your recruitment practices
  • External Resources
    • Organisations, agencies and publications for the latest trends and best practice information


Final Price


per person + GST

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