Exclusive Webinar: Integrating Smart & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for State & Local Government

Maximizing Technological Efficiencies Across SLED Departments & Agencies Through Improved Decision Making

Tuesday, February 28, 2023 | 12:00 – 1:00pm ET | Online

Event Overview

As a ‘cloud-first’ mentality continues to permeate public sector leadership – the approach has proven successful for many, but impractical for others. With so many innovative applications and uses to multi-cloud infrastructure – State & local institutions are unable to do without. But is this their only option? How do SLED officials tap into the benefits of multi-cloud infrastructure when compliance and other considerations get in the way of innovation?

Many public sector institutions around the country are beginning to look at alternate locations to host certain apps and workloads, particularly by developing on-prem cloud infrastructure along with bringing added storage online & workloads back from external cloud providers. This provides them with an alternate means for transforming workloads and service delivery. As leaders look to guide their agencies into the era of multi-cloud to support hybrid workforces, those same leaders are asking – how do leaders in the state & local governments go about putting workloads where they can maximize efficiencies and output?

These are among the considerations we will explore at Public Sector Network’s Integrating Smart & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for State/Local Government webinar. Join an innovative speaker line-up of State & Local leaders as they address how to maximize technological impact, explore if, and when, to repatriate apps and workloads, and discuss how to finally shift from ‘cloud-first’ to a true ‘cloud-smart’ strategy.

Benefits of Attending

Explore best practices navigating multi-cloud infrastructure to determine the ideal use for your institution

Discuss the challenges and necessary considerations when moving from a ‘cloud-first’ to a ‘cloud-smart’ approach

Examine how to best determine, and how to proceed, if apps or workloads need to be repatriated

Your Inspiring Speakers

Chief Innovation Officer
City of Burlington, VT

Yiting Liu Enterprise Architect Texas Health and Human Services Chief Technology Office

Enterprise Architect, Texas Health & Human Services | Office of the CTO

Cloud Architect
Texas Health & Human Services | Office of the CTO (Pending Agency Clearance)

Chief Transformation Officer – SLED
Iron Bow

Sales Strategy Principal – SLED
Iron Bow

Key Sessions

Panel Discussion

Hybrid & Smart Cloud Integration: Developing a Sound Strategy for Maximizing Cloud Technology’s Impact

Flexibility is key for technology leaders across the public sector – allowing for them to address and cope with challenges as needed and with appropriately balanced resources. While urgent imperatives often drive the early adoption of technologies before the impact, scope, and scale of that integration can be fully appreciated – many public sector technology leaders are reassessing that approach and allowing for additional flexibility, scalability, and strategic agility by integrating additional data storage infrastructure to support the repatriation of key assets, applications, and workloads on-prem.

This panel discussion will explore how technology leaders across the public sector are transforming their infrastructures and strategies to leverage the hybrid cloud in a more intelligent and nuanced way.

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