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Digital Frontier: Navigating the Future of Policing Roadshow

Transforming Processes for Digital Evidence Collection, Management, and Sharing 

NZ: 11 June | NSW: 13 June | TAS: 14 June
SA: 18 June| VIC: 19 June | QLD: 20 June

What’s In Store for 2024

Join us at the Digital Frontier: Navigating the Future of Policing Roadshow where government leaders converge to tackle the data surge head-on.

Discover strategies to dismantle information silos, accelerate investigations, and transform policing as we know it. Through compelling real-world case studies, glimpse the future of law enforcement in action.

Experience firsthand the power of streamlined processes, unified systems, and enhanced inter-agency collaboration shaping evidence management and operational efficiency. 

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Key People You’ll Meet

Chiefs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Leads of:

Legal Technology


Digital Forensics

Incident Response


Information Security

Community Policing  

National Security

Benefits of Attending

Unravel the complexities of digital evidence management and champion collaboration for swifter crime-solving at this insightful event

Demolish data silos, streamline workflows, and amplify community engagement to propel public safety through proven strategies

Dive deep into real-world case studies, witnessing the breakthroughs in digital evidence collection, integration, and police operational excellence

Forge connections with industry experts and peers, building a powerful network for ongoing support and lasting collaboration

Speakers from across the roadshow series

Chair Steve Image

Dr. Steve Watts
Former Chief Strategic Advisor and Investigator at
Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, European Union, Abu Dhabi Police and Hampshire Constabulary 

Jonathan Higgins Image

Jonathan Higgins
Deputy Commissioner
Tasmania Police

Tahli Blicblau Image

Tahli Blicblau
Director of Strategic Intelligence & Capabilities
NSW Crime Commission

Glenn Weir Image

Glenn Weir
Assistant Commissioner
Victoria Police 

Wes Ford Image

Wes Ford
Director and Chief Executive Officer, Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Tasmania

Bruce Mcnab Image

Bruce Mcnab 
Queensland Police Services

Discussing the Most Current Topics






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Hear from public sector leaders about the latest trends and explore how to instantly apply these insights and gain unique perspectives


An opportunity to engage with your peers from across the state in dedicated networking sessions, interactive roundtable discussions and meal breaks


Hear from leading solutions providers in the government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services


Receive on-demand access to session content on the complimentary Public Sector Network social learning platform


NZ: 11 June | NSW: 13 June | TAS: 14 June
SA: 18 June| VIC: 19 June | QLD: 20 June

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