Getting Automation – Ready

2- day | 8 & 9 November 2022 | 10:30am – 2:30pm AEDT | Online

Training Overview

A Hands-on Guide to Reworking Processes for Not Just a Training Session Optimised Workflow

In June 2022, Gartner predicted that by 2025, 95% of decisions that use data will be at least partially automated.

Automation is also gaining momentum in the Australian Public sector with major agencies making significant technology investments in the space, as reported by Austender in 2021. As these figures indicate, automation is a priority of all businesses, especially in the public sector for its potential to increase efficiency and improve services. However, the biggest challenge for automation is broken processes and buggy systems. As experts say, you can’t automate a broken process!

This course is designed for corporate services professionals in the public sector who are in the midst of or starting off their process automation journey. By focussing on the weakest links in automation, this course will teach you how to pre-empt and prevent failure. It will also provide you with the insights to fix your systems before automation. Our experienced trainer will provide insights to set your project up for success.

Learning  Outcomes

Get the opportunity to learn and brainstorm with your colleagues from all over Australia and at all levels of government

Learn from an expert trainer, with an eye for process with over 3 decades of experience in both the public and private sectors

Set your automation journey up for success by fixing the bugs in your process
and making it seamless

Understand how to preempt and prevent the hurdles of automation through Business Process Improvement

Meet Your Facilitator

Founder, The Process Expert

Steve Barnes is a technology and process improvement expert who has led and consulted on public and private sector projects for over three decades, including Suncorp, Telstra, UCB Australia and most recently Central Goldfields Shire Council. Steve has worked in large corporates, SMEs, micro-businesses and startups.He is passionate about business process improvement particularly its role in Economic Development roles for Local Government; improving customer service or product and service quality. In addition he also mentors crucial social ventures.

Steve’s experience covers implementing CRM packages for Economic Development, Marketing & Sales, and Service Provision; BPMN 2.0 and Business Process Automation. At the Process Expert, Steve has developed an end-to-end framework to fix organisational bugs and drive efficiency for digitisation and automation.

Key Sessions

Module 1: Documenting your Business

Keynote 1: Identifying the Business Objects in Your Applications and Data Warehouse

Keynote 2: Strategic Perspective on Creating a Data Warehouse and Dashboard that Works

Module 2 – Planning & Optimising Workflows

Keynote 3: Exploring and Optimising Workflows

Break-out Group Activity: Choose an area being explored in one of your organisations and draw a Workflow Diagram for that area, noting the information being worked on and any applications involved

Module 3: Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Keynote 4: Information and Business Process Driven System Integration

Keynote 5: Shifting To a Process Mindset and Gaining Buy-in from your Stakeholders

Module 4: How to Scale

Keynote 6: A Roadmap to Scaling and Embedding Process Improvement Principles

Break-out Activity: Plan the changes to your organisation and processes, relating back to strategic goals. Two people chosen by the instructor will have five minutes each to present their case to the larger group

Gain Implementable Strategies

Train Your Team – get your team unified and productive using the latest diagrams and methods

Unify The System – business process automation and integration in the cloud!

Walk away with a course content pack – slide decks, session recordings and templates

Explore innovative mix – of presentations, interactive group discussions and structured expert feedback

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