10th Annual

Australian Security Summit (AuSec) 2024

Protecting our territory, institutions, and ensuring the safety of all Australians

Thursday, 29 August 2024
Hotel Realm, Canberra

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What’s in Store for 2024

A complex, challenging, and changing security landscape means a difficult, demanding, and dynamic operating environment, particularly in constrained fiscal conditions. The cost of doing business continues to climb, and budgets, laws, ethical considerations, or oversight unconstrain Australia’s most aggressive adversaries. 

While threats have reduced in scale, they have increased in complexity. In 2024, the emerging threat environment demands we dedicate more resources to countering espionage and foreign interference. Still, we must simultaneously maintain a robust counter-terrorism capability before it continues to corrode our democracy, sovereignty, economy, and community, degrading decision-making and strategic advantage.  

The 10th Annual Australian Security Summit (AuSec) will delve into ‘online’ and ‘offline’ threats; we’ll be assessing how to best protect Australia’s physical infrastructure and safety by enhancing border integrity, supply chain resilience, protecting critical infrastructure, mitigating terrorism, and improving response to natural disasters. We’ll also explore how to uplift the nation’s cyber security capabilities and remain ahead of emerging online threats, including cyber warfare, cybercrime, cyber espionage, and cyberterrorism. 

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2024 Inspiring Speaker Panel

Tricia Geddes,
Associate Deputy Minister,
Public Safety Canada  

Hans Koenderink,
Assistant Commissioner, Intelligence and Covert Services,
Australian Federal Police

Leanne Fry,
National Manager (CIO), Innovation and Technology Solutions,

Rohan Samaraweera,
Senior Director, Data Science Branch,
Department of Home Affairs
(pending final confirmation) 

Catherine Burn,
Deputy-Director General, Capability, Corporate Management and Transformation,
Australian Secret Intelligence Service

Tom Rogers,
Australian Electoral Commission

Justin Bassi,
Executive Director,
Australian Strategic Policy Institute

John Blaxland

John Blaxland,
Professor of International Security & Intelligence Studies,
Australian National University 

Michael Shoebridge,
Former Director of the Defence, Strategy and National Security Program, ASPI and Founder,
Strategic Analysis Australia

Mandy Young

Jonathan Dean,
Department of Defence

public sector network man speakers image

Brendan Dowling,
Ambassador for Cyber Affairs and Critical Infrastructure,
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Nadia Taggart,
Western Sydney University

public sector network man speakers image

Professor Helge Janicke,
Deputy CEO,
Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre

Philip Wagner,
Director of Cyber Security,
Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Mandy Young

Peter Anstee,
First Assistant Secretary, Cyber Security Policy Division,
Department of Home Affairs 

public sector network man speakers image

Jorge Conde,
PhD Fellow in Cognitive Warfare Science,

public sector network man speakers image

 Ashley Bell,
Assistant Secretary, Customs and Border Modernisation Branch,
Australian Border Force 

Anna Brezzo,
First Assistant Secretary, Investigation and Enforcement,
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Mandy Young

Nima Torabi,
Executive Director, Security and Resilience,

Foster partnerships and collaborate with Federal Government security leaders to uplift national security and adopt innovative methods of approach to help safeguard against threats and solve national security challenges

Help the Government navigate the emerging era of cyber threats, technology advancement, and supply chain vulnerabilities by uncovering the latest technologies and strategies to strengthen preparedness and performance

Provide thought leadership around the emerging domestic and international threat environment and inform the next phase of national security requirements

Deep Dive Into Two Dedicated Streams

Online Threats

The Online threats stream delves into cyber warfare, cybercrime, cyber espionage, cyberterrorism, safeguarding data, and enhancing national cyber resilience, while also addressing collaboration for stronger intelligence protection and advancing capabilities.

Offline Threats

The Offline Threats stream will delve into preserving Australia’s border integrity, encompassing AI and biometrics and addressing public trust, confidence, and privacy concerns in surveillance capabilities, particularly facial recognition technologies and identity fraud.

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Department Of Child, Youth Justice, and Multicultural Affairs

Discussing the Most Current Topics

#National Security

#Cyber Warfare and Crime

#Power Resilience

#Data Security and Threats

#Emergency Services

#Advanced Intelligence

#Counter Terrorism

#Policy Making

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Hotel Realm, Canberra
18 National Circuit, Canberra ACT 2600

Hotel Realm’s signature ballroom is the epitome of grandeur, perfect for sophisticated business or private events. There is access to an outdoor terrace with views of Parliament House and beautiful floor to ceiling windows with double backing curtains. The ballroom is supported by internet connection, state-of-the-art audio visual and lighting facilities.

A great chance to discuss contemporary trends with national security and the evolvements of cyber security from both actors and defenders.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

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