Business Transformation Toolkit
for Specialists to Drive Modernisation

Thursday, 23 March & 30 March 2023 | 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Tools and Frameworks to make sense if disparate systems, process and information

The amount of money that government agencies are spending on software is up 16.9% from 2021 and is set to hit AUD162.2 billion. The aftermath of the pandemic has accelerated the drive to modernise products and services.

For public sector unit leaders and project managers tasked with modernisation, digital transformation is a must-have. Business transformation is complex and difficult for subject matter experts who have to pivot to project managing business transformation initiatives. Managing the world of process mapping, documentation and stakeholder engagement is especially challenging.

This course has been developed for public sector executives who are beginning their modernisation journey to help you navigate the world of business transformation, understand the pros and cons of different frameworks and tools, process improvement strategy and discern the right questions to ask as you begin your journey to optimise future results.

Who Should Attend

Systems and Business Analysis

Process and Continuous Improvement

Project Managers and
Business Transformation

Learning Outcomes

Uncover the pros and cons of different transformation tools and frameworks

Gain insights on your stakeholders: Stakeholder mapping

Learn how to identify the best process mapping tool and framework to evaluate your organisation

Understand what questions you need to ask when documenting key business objects

Meet Your Facilitator

Steve Barnes
The Process Expert

Steve Barnes is a technology and process improvement expert and business analyst who has led and consulted on public and private sector projects for over three decades, including Suncorp, Telstra, UCB Australia and most recently Central Goldfields Shire Council. Steve has worked in large corporates, SMEs, micro-businesses and startups. He is passionate about business process improvement particularly its role in Economic Development roles for Local Government; improving customer service or product and service quality.

Steve’s experience covers implementing CRM packages for Economic Development, Marketing & Sales, and Service Provision; BPMN 2.0 and Business Process Automation. At the Process Expert, Steve has developed an end-to-end framework to fix organisational bugs and drive efficiency for digitisation and automation.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 2Day 2: Module 3Day 2: Module 4

Mindsets and Methodologies

  • Process Mindsets and Key Business Definitions
    • The difference between process vs. function
    • Understanding the key terms in business transformation and process improvement
    • Exploring your organisational value map
    • Adopting Process thinking and improvement mindsets: What are the questions that you need to ask?
    • Gaining a business model language
  • An Introduction to Business Improvement Methodologies
    • An overview of popular methodologies, including BPNM, Lean Six Sigma, OOBE, CMMI, APQC
    • Unpacking the pros and cons for each of those frameworks
    • Criteria to evaluate the best framework (or combination) for you

Documenting Your Business for Transformation

  • What are the Business Dimensions in your Organisation
    • What are Business Dimensions
    • Its implications on data warehousing and business transformation tools
    • Cite Business Dimensions for your transformation project
  • Exploring and Optimising Workflows
    • How to draw a Value Chain for your organisation
    • Evaluating workflow in the value chain and identifying areas for improvement
    • Recognising the shortfall in Workflow vs System and Integration requirements
  • Breakout Group Activity: Getting Started on Process Mapping
    Using the learning from today, start mapping the process and/or function that you are transforming and/or modernising. Once this is done cite business dimensions.

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

  • Who are your Stakeholders
    • Frameworks and tools to map-out your stakeholders
    • Recognising value across divisions, departments and functions
    • Interaction Value Mapping
    • Silos and Stakeholder Management
  • Exploring Organisational Design and Blockages
    • Uncovering the common problems of organisations
    • What are the biggest blockages in your line-of-work and/or project
    • Understanding Silos and matrix management

Tools and Progressing Your Journey

  • An Agnostic Overview of Tools that You can Use in Your Journey
    • Tapping into the world of open-source technology
    • Setting up a dashboard to visualise and track transformation
    • Addressing data, technical and usage needs
  • Breakout Group Activity: Plan a Dashboard for your Project
    Using the lessons learned in the previous session, start mapping a dashboard for your business transformation project.
  • Change Management and Engagement
    • Optimising your organisation for process efficiency
    • Socialising change through documentation
    • Planning change


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