2024 Government Innovation Pennsylvania


Harrisburg, 04 December 2024

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Registration & Breakfast

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Welcome from Public Sector Network

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Government Keynote

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania IT Strategic Plan  

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s technology driven initiatives are a fundamental part of what drives innovation. Those who lead also face unique challenges, from the skillset of their workforce and culture, to the changes created by technology itself. This keynote will discuss the key components and what Pennsylvania has on the horizon in 2025 and beyond.  

9:40 am

Platinum Partner

Leading Change: Transforming Citizen Services Through Technology Bases Initiatives

10:00 am

Government Keynote

Data, Data Everywhere-A look at Data Driven Decision Making  

This valuable commodity needs to be realized to its full benefit. This dynamic presentation will feature different agency perspectives on how to best leverage data to achieve ambitious goals, where current gaps exist, and what solutions might boost policy priorities.   

  • How do you best enhance the use of data and evidence in existing policy and funding decisions?  
  • What types of additional shared data approaches, if any, are needed to improve cross-agency and cross-department work?  
  • To what extent should the state standardize, scale, and adopt practices such as robust evaluation, randomized controlled trials, and performance management – or is this already occurring?  
  • How can your agency best foster research partnerships that are relevant to agency and department questions and priorities? 

10:20 am

Panel Discussion

Effective Generative AI Governance: Navigating the New Frontier

The field of AI has experienced rapid development, and the availability and popularity of “generative AI” have greatly increased. There is significant public interest in generative AI because of its potential to empower creativity, innovation, and efficiency. However, the technology also presents potential risks and new challenges for the Commonwealth that must be navigated thoughtfully.    

This panel of leaders will discuss their strategies for effective governance for Generative AI. 

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Refreshment Break

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Data & Technology Track

Welcome from the Track Chair:

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Government Keynote Data & Technology Track

Anticipating Pennsylvanians’ Technological Needs and  Streamlining State Processes 

Delivering programs such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and childcare requires states to collect, store, and work with data on many thousands of recipients. Pennsylvania does at least some part of this work through information technology.  

State processes form the backbone of how enterprises run and their level of efficiency. Efficiently managing these processes has many different aspects, and these aspects include improving process efficiency, quality, and design. Streamlining your technology processes which often encompass all three key aspects mentioned above, are becoming an integral part of the technology transformation tools that organizations leverage.  

12:10 pm

Gold Partner Data & Technology Track

Defending your Landscape against Cybersecurity Threats

12:30 pm

Government Case Study Data & Technology Track

How to Implement Technology on a Limited Budget  

Every city department, from human resources to accounting, from public works to parks, public safety, and economic development, relies on technology to meet the mission. Whether streamlining processes and uniting people across functions, increasing the efficiency of delivering services, or bringing new tools to the citizens, the role of innovative and effective technology cannot be overemphasized in helping the City of Burlington, VT meet the needs of today and tomorrow.  However, as with most municipalities, Burlington must face these initiatives within the constraints of the limited financial resources available. Under pressure to simultaneously deliver on pressing commitments by finding creative solutions today, while also investing in innovations that will allow for future success; in this session, the speaker will share some of their experiences and respond to your questions. 

12:50 pm

Gold Partner Data & Technology Track

Accelerating and Optimizing Your Cloud Journey

1:10 pm

Panel Discussion Data & Technology Track

Improving Citizen’s Experience Through Technology 

This panel of leaders will address the following:   

  • Identify what tools and technologies will support your goals   
  • Embedding recent technology with minimal disruption to business  
  • Best practices for creating information technology services that boost customer and employee experiences.  

11:30 am

Digi & CX Track

Welcome from the Track Chair

11:50 am

Government Keynote Digi & CX Track

Leading from the Human Perspective of Digital Transformation  

Digital Transformation remains at the forefront of the public sector agenda, However, while it’s easy to get caught up in the technical details of digital initiatives, the true success factors lie on the people side of the equation. This has become more challenging as we contend with skills shortages, remote work, and multi-generational workforces as well as the rise of the contractor workforce.  

In this keynote, you will hear insights to help you as a leader ensure that the human side of your digital transformation initiatives are rock-solid and serve as a foundation for ongoing transformation

12:10 pm

Gold Partner Digi & CX Track

The Roadmap to a Successful Digital Transformation 

12:30 pm

Government Case Study Digi & CX Track

How the City of Philadelphia Drives Innovation and Digital Equity 

Andrew Buss, Deputy Chief  Information Officer/Public  Technology & Innovation, Office  of Innovation& Technology City  of Philadelphia 

Both innovation and digital equity have been priorities for the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology (OIT) for over a decade, and OIT will discuss several keys to advancing this work: 

  • Building the capacity within government to creatively address challenges and solve problems.  
  • Using existing resources and partnerships to address digital equity during and after the pandemic.  
  • Connecting innovation with smart cities and digital equity to redefine public technology. 
  • Adapting innovation to fit government culture. 

Andrew Buss, Deputy Chief  Information Officer/Public  Technology & Innovation, Office  of Innovation& Technology City  of Philadelphia 

12:50 pm

Gold Partner Digi & CX Track

Leading Change - Transforming Citizen Services with a Digital Government 

1:10 pm

Panel Discussion Digi & CX Track

Citizen Buy-In: How Can Public Sector Leaders Navigate Digital Transformation to Ensure Public Confidence?  

Trust is the foundation upon which the legitimacy of government stands. With declining rates of citizen trust, in tandem with increased digital needs; digital transformation is being leveraged as a tool to help drive positive citizen experiences to gain back lost confidence. The feeling of being known and cared for is universally appreciated, even if it’s on a small level. Even seemingly minor and incremental improvements to service delivery go a long way in restoring faith.   


  • How to foster a culture of citizen-focused outlook to build government trust . 
  • How to include citizens in decision-making processes, policy creation and amendments . 
  • How to create meaningful citizen participation and engagement opportunities. 


1:40 pm

Lunch and Networking

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Split into specialized conversation areas and join engaging discussions to dive deeper into your innovation priorities. 

RoundTable 1: Navigating the Latest CyberSecurity Threats 

Roundtable 2: Leading the Way with Cloud 

Roundtable 3: Technology Solutions to Navigate the Data Driven Landscape   

Roundtable 4: Strengthening Security in the Age of Digital Transformation 

Roundtable 5: How DEIA is Shaping the Future of Work 

Roundtable 6: Establishing a Zero Trust Framework

3:30 pm

Government Keynote

AI Essentials: Key Concepts and Opportunities for the Public Sector 

Artificial intelligence is changing the public sector as we know it. This makes it critical learning for today’s leaders, across almost every department. However, governments face numerous barriers—including a lack of specialized talent, and limited resources to apply to this effort.    

  • Understand the key technological concepts of AI- machine learning, and automation – and how they are applied in a digital context. 
  • Learn how organizations are effectively using AI, across a wide range of activities. 
  • Explore when and where AI may be most useful in your workflows.  

3:50 pm

Platinum Partner

Intelligence and Automation

4:10 pm

Panel Discussion

The Future of Work: The Changing Face of Talent  

There are many benefits that come with diversity in the workplace. The public sector’s success is dependent on having their workforce represent and resemble the communities they serve. A diverse and inclusive environment establishes a sense of belonging among employees. When employees feel more connected at work, they tend to work harder and smarter, producing higher quality outcomes. As a result, organizations that adopt D&EIA practices see huge gains in the form of innovation, and decision-making.  

4:40 pm

Closing Remarks and Networking