Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Tuesday, 5 – Wednesday, 6 December 2023 | 10:00am – 2:30pm AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Improve Communication, Build Strong Workplace Relationships and Boost Productivity

The benefits of emotional intelligence (EI) in leadership are widely recognised, including reduced burnout, reduced unplanned absenteeism, and increased productivity. Quantifying these benefits with precise evidence and metrics can be difficult, given the complex nature of workplace dynamics and the interplay of various factors. In fact, the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs Survey 2020” projected that emotional intelligence will be one of the top skills needed in business in 2025!

Research shows that leaders and employees who possess well-developed emotional intelligence (EQ) are more effective in their performance, motivation, and communication. People with high EQ are adept at understanding the underlying motivations of others, making them better equipped to effectively lead and improve performance in their teams, divisions, and companies.

By applying emotional intelligence to your daily work life, you can better manage your emotions, improve relationships, and develop effective coping strategies, all of which are vital in preventing burnout and maintaining your overall well-being. This course equips leaders to create positive work environments, enhance employee engagement, and achieve exceptional results. Participants gain effective tools to recognise, understand, and manage emotions for improved decision-making and behaviour, fostering high workplace performance. This course serves as the cornerstone for transforming ordinary for transforming leadership into extraordinary, empathetic impact.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for professionals from management through senior leadership, in charge of transforming all three levels of government including:

Learning and development practitioners and HR leaders

Anyone looking to engage teams and individuals more effectively

Managers and leaders who would benefit from stronger interpersonal skills or self-awareness

Learning Outcomes

Grasp and apply self-awareness and regulation to navigate stress and change in the workplace to drive productivity and emotional resilience

Foster a positive, inclusive and safe work environment and understand how to manage conflict

Enhance your communication abilities to create positive relationships

Cultivate resilience and adaptability to navigate stress

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1.1Day 1: Module 1.2 Day 2: Module 2.1Day 2: Module 2.2

Unlocking EQ Brilliance: Your Journey to Emotional Intelligence

  • What is EQ and what does it mean in the workplace?
    • Understanding the impact of emotions in the workplace
    • Benefits of EQ
  • Deciphering EQ: Four Branch model of EQ
    • Recognising emotions
    • Understanding emotions
    • Reasoning using emotions
    • Managing Emotions
  • Exploring the Emotion Spectrum
    • Fear
    • Anger
    • Sadness
    • Happiness

  • Empathy: The Heart of Connection
    • What it is and why it is important
  • Resilience: The Power to Bounce Back
    • Managing stress
    • Dealing with uncomfortable situations
  • Mastering Emotional Responses in Others
    • Identifying the underlying issue
    • Recognising and managing your emotional reaction

  • Cracking the EQ Code Essentials
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-management
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship management
  • Communicate with Impact
    • Being explicit
    • Body language
    • Assertiveness
    • Boundaries

  • Cultivating EQ in the workplace
    • Role modelling
    • Social learning
    • Self-awareness
    • Feedback
  • Harvesting Workplace EQ Brilliance
    • Managing different personality styles
    • How people react differently to the same situation
    • Derailing
    • Managing conflict
  • Personal Development
    • Feedback and reflection exercise to complete in your own

Meet Your Facilitator

Human Resources and Training Consultant 
Wellington Consulting 

Kerri Wellington is a highly experienced Human Resources and Training Professional who specialises in developing and supporting emerging leaders and managers to develop and maintain an effective, productive, and healthy workplace.

She has worked with a variety of SMEs and government agencies, including not-for-profits and blue-chip organisations. In addition to her over 10 years of experience as a Human Resources Manager, she is an experienced conference facilitator, keynote speaker and trainer.

Her experience is supported by a Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, Diploma of Vocational Education and Training, Diploma of Training Design and Development, and a Diploma of Quality Auditing. Kerri is a very personable and energetic presenter who engages with her audience in a relaxed and interactive manner to enhance learning and encourage active questioning.


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