Cybersecurity Preparedness and Response for Local Government

26 March 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM & 27 March 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Defending Local Government’s security frontline for cyber battle readiness

Cyber security and the protection of data are a priority across all levels of government. As Australian organisations’ proactively try to remain ahead of network breaches and threats from bad actors, employing the latest methods of device and data protection has become essential. Implementing the latest technology and protecting endpoint devices is paramount to the protection of public data entrusted to government organisations.

As cyber threats evolve, so do the methods employed to respond and react to them. Implementing tools to counter threats, while informing a reticent workforce, has become one of the biggest challenges to date. Constant system monitoring and consistent communication with personnel to inform them of upgrades, ensures everyone works together to keep information secure.

Through an innovative mix of lecture-style presentations, interactive group exercises and expert feedback, participants will learn how to develop the most suitable cyber security approach for their local government area.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for leaders in charge of transforming local government including:

IT Managers & Administrators
and Information Security Officers

Cybersecurity Managers, Analysts or Engineers

Risk Management or Specialists and Network Administrators

Learning Outcomes

Understand the issues/challenges faced by Local Government

Develop your cyber security approach using the PPTT (Policy, Process, Technology and Training) approach

How to use the FASS (Feasible, Achievable, Suitable, Sustainable) formula to assess

Put theory into action to translate technical impacts to business impacts

Meet Your Facilitator

Principal Cyber Security Specialist and Educator
G.P.Wagner Pty.Ltd

Philip Wagner is a cyber security, leadership educator, trainer, executive coach and project/program manager, with extensive leadership and project management expertise in both civilian and military environments. He has advised and trained in a wide range of industries from banking and finance, education and training, technology and government at federal and state levels.

His most recent roles were as the Director Cyber Security and Deputy Chief Information Security Officer with the National Disability Insurance Agency and as a Senior Project Manager for a major Australian Health provider in developing their Cyber program.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 2Day 1: Module 3Day 1: Module 4

Introduction and Challenges for Local Governments in Australia

  • Understanding the state of cyber security in Local Government
    • How did we get here
    • What do you believe are the biggest cyber and IT challenges to your Local Government Area
    • What is the state of your current cyber measures
    • What the State Auditor Generals are saying

Setting up the Foundations

  • Evaluating the FASS Aproach and PPTT Aproach
    • A Case Study: How a cyber attack affects business and workflow
    • Achieving the balance – the FASS Approach to Cyber Security
    • The 6 required areas of cyber security
    • The PPTT approach: Policy, Process, Technology, Training
    • Compliance requirements
  • ACTIVITY: Developing a Cyber Security Policy
    • Developing your Local Government Policy Approach
    • Developing your processes
    • Assessing your Technology
    • Develop your Cyber security approaches
    • Assess through FASS
  • Mapping Out Next Steps
    • DISCUSSION: This session reviews and discusses learnings from Module 2
    • What have we learned?
    • What are the key actions that need to be taken?
    • Next steps: What is the priority of effort

The People Element

  • Communicating Cyber Risk in an Affective Way
    • Communicating cyber risk in a meaningful way within Local Government
    • Identifying Key Stakeholders
    • Creating and building the connections and partnerships required to implement your cyber security approach

Communication and Compliance

  • Communication and Compliance
    • Who are our key stakeholders?
    • What are their information requirements
    • Communication and Messaging: What works best in your LGA
  • Compliance and Regulation
    • Understanding the cyber compliance and regulation requirements applicable to local government
    • What cyber standards (NIST, ISM, ISO) are most suitable and relevant to your local government area
    • Steps to meet legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Putting together and Implementing the Cyber Security Jigsaw Puzzle
    ACTIVITY: This interactive session goes through the steps required to put together your cyber security plan and approach including:
    • Review of your Plan from Module 2
    • Governance and Oversight
    • Resourcing
    • To outsource or not to outsource
    • Risks, mitigations and treatments
    • Communication with stakeholders
    • Training of staff


Final Price

$A 1195

per person + GST

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