Unlocking Potential: Emerging Women Leaders in Government

February 16 & 23, 2024 | 12:00 PM – 4:25 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

A series of training courses designed for women executives in the public sector at various stages of leadership.

Are you a public sector woman in a managerial position who is ready to unlock your leadership potential? While some of us are imbued with natural leadership abilities, governance potential exists within all of us. Unlocking Potential: Emerging Women Leaders in Government training course is specially designed for women in managerial roles who are eager to unlock their full potential and become a force to be reckoned with.

This training course will draw upon tried and tested techniques to equip you with the skills necessary to command respect, build trust, and inspire those around you. Specifically tailored to women who are looking to learn and enhance key management skills, this course is tailored to help you embrace key strategies for developing a strong leadership presence.

You will learn how to bring out the best in your people and lead from a position of firmness, fairness, and quiet strength; you will feel empowered, inspired, and ready to take on any leadership challenge that comes your way.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join other like-minded women at the helm to share insights and walk away with the confidence boost that comes with knowing you have what it
takes to lead with authority and excellence!

Who Should Attend

This training is exclusively designed for women in managerial positions and aspiring women leaders in the public sector:

Heads of Department



Learning Outcomes

Get to grips with the key skills, mindset, and personality
traits necessary to be an effective leader.

Understand your workplace communication style and how to effectively flex and adapt to suit your
workplace culture.

Understand your role as a coach and leader to define your own professional brand and learn how to be a strategic leader that creates a culture of empathy while motivating and developing your teams.

Effectively communicate with confidence to influence, provide impactful feedback, and advocate for yourself
and others.

Meet Your Facilitator

Priya Sodha
Executive Trainer and DEI Professional

Priya Sodha, Executive Trainer & DEI professional, has been facilitating transformational workshops and training for organizations for over 10 years. She specializes in leadership development, communication, diversity, equity and inclusion, and people-focused leadership; and is passionate about this work because she truly believes in the human connection. Priya is the founder of The Empowered Managers Training Program, where early career managers go through a 6-month leadership program within their company.

Prior to corporate training, Priya earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational
Change Management at The New School, in New York City, & her BA in Sociology at California State University of Long Beach, where she specialized in interaction and group relations. Her work has led her to serve as an Executive Director for the Youth Business Alliance & Director of Career Development at Calbright College. In addition to her Master’s Degree, Priya is a Certified Professional Group Coach and holds a certificate in Effective Leadership from The Management Institute. She is also an active #IamRemarkable Facilitator, a Google initiative where she speaks on the topic of self-promotion for women in the workplace & most recently spoke at The Women of Silicon Valley Conference on Communicating with Confidence.

In her most recent work with an education-based college in CA, she was highlighted as a trainer “who cares about her participants, which is seen through her engaging content & applicable activities during her sessions.”

Key Sessions

Day 1: Modules 1 to 2Day 2: Modules 3 to 4

Professional Brand Activity – Who Am I as a Leader?

Overview, Objectives and Outcomes, Ice Breaker & Creating a Safe Space in the Group

Module 1: Leadership Styles and Professional Brand

What is a Leader?

  • What does effective management look like?
  • Understanding the power of Women in Leadership and what women bring to the leadership table
  • Imposter Syndrome – stereotypes and mindsets that traditionally impede women in leadership the
    workplace and leadership positions
  • Recognizing different leadership styles and the importance of professional branding

Professional Brand Activity – Who Am I as a Leader?

  • How can you unlock, forge and showcase your leadership brand?
  • Exploring the opportunities to leverage your brand and be a confident leader

Management and Leadership Skill Development

  • Management and Leadership: The Opportunities and Potential Pitfalls
  • Understanding the key skills necessary to develop and focus inward and become a more effective manager/
  • Developing a pathway to hone leadership and managerial skills

Module 2: Effective and Impactful Communication

Communicating with Confidence

  • Identifying a personal communication style
  • Recognizing how to flex and adapt to varying communication styles
  • Managing multiple communication styles and building authentic relationships

Communication Styles Activity Session

  • What is my communication style?
  • Planning my next conversation

Communicating with Influence

  • Strategic communication: influence, negotiation and gaining buy-in
  • The importance of self-promotion
  • How to be a mentor and advocate for your staff/team

Communicating Activity

  • Adopting a personal communication strategy

Communicating and Coaching

  • Knowing when to ‘manage’ and when to ‘coach’
  • What skills do you need to coach and develop your staff?
  • Learning how to improve relationships and build trust within your team
  • Managing conflict through coaching

Overview, Objectives and Outcomes, Ice Breaker & Creating a Safe Space in the Group

Module 3: Effective Feedback

Feedback as a Leadership Tool

  • What is feedback and why is it important?
  • Overcoming valid excuses for giving and receiving feedback
  • Getting to grips with how, when and why to give feedback
  • Using feedback as a strategic tool to mitigates conflict and improves retention

Feedback Template Activity

  • Feedback Template: an interactive session where attendees practice giving feedback in small groups
  • Peer-to-peer feedback

Module 4: Leading Strategically

Motivating your Teams and Aligning Goals to Action

  • Exploring how to delegate more effectively and lead more strategically
  • Understanding the importance of strategy in goal setting – how, where and why?
  • Mindset over Matter – embedding self-care into your strategic leadership strategy

Group Activity

  • Setting your management goals
  • Peer-to-peer discussion and – tying it all together


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* Registration for this training is exclusively for professionals currently working within the Public Sector.

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