Reinventing Your Writing for Government in a New World

March 7 and 14, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

Unlock the potential of your government writing with clarity, inclusivity, and relevance.

For decades, public sector writing has been identified with a formal, almost parental, tone. Government communication – from letters and forms to web content and emails – has included dense, jargon-heavy, and unclear messaging. Unfortunately, this style of writing has been accepted as the norm.

This was accepted as the norm. But now we’re in a new world where a more human-centered approach to written communication is expected. Your readers demand clear, inclusive content, specifically targeted to their needs. As a result, your writing needs to evolve.

In this course, Reinventing Your Writing for Government in a New World, you’ll discover tools and strategies to update your public sector writing for 2023. You will shape a more user-centric, modern government voice resulting in clear, concise, and relevant written communication connecting with your
various and diverse publics.

Who Should Attend

Heads of, Directors, Managers, Leads, and Specialists of:

Website, Content, Communications, Internal Communications, External Communications

Stakeholder Engagement, Marketing Communications, Community Engagement and Community Development

Any government professionals looking to enhance their written communication.

Learning Outcomes

Stay up to date with best practices and enhance your writing skills across different genres and platforms.

Identify and connect with your readers to get the results you need.

Recognize common writing pitfalls and how to avoid them for more effective communication.

Acquire an inclusive voice to create authentically,
connections between the government and your diverse communities.

Meet Your Facilitator

Marilouis Carlisle

Marilouise Carlisle
Organizational Communication Expert

Marilouise Carlisle’s professional experience encompasses over 25 years in both the public and private sectors. She is an expert in the field of organizational communication and specializes in two essential areas of workplace training and development: interpersonal communication and business writing skills.

Marilouise holds a master’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Long Beach, where she was recognized by that University for outstanding research in organizational communication. She also holds two BA degrees: one in Liberal Arts and one in Communications. In 2014, the University of California, Irvine Extension awarded Marilouise the Distinguished Instructor Award.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Modules 1 to 5Day 2: Modules 6 to 7

Business Writing Blueprint – Introduction to Map

Overview of Communication Skills

  • Myth or Fact
  • Communication Skills (4)
  • Elements of a Message
  • The Context Content of Various Communication Channels
  • Types of Writing
  • Business Writing Blueprint Map

Q1 – Who?
Focus: Determine the correct approach for your audience.

Types of Opening Messages:

  • Direct Opening – Routine Messages
  • Indirect Opening – Sensitive Messages

Q2 – Why? Direct and Indirect Openings

Workshop Activity
Participants will practice two types of opening messages.

Q3 – How?
Focus: Determine the correct tone of your message.

Three business writing tones: Formal, Conversational, Chatty

Workshop Activity
Participants will practice using three types of business writing tones.

Q5 – Mechanics: Level of Effectiveness

Introduce Level of Effectiveness: Strong vs. Weak Writing Basics

Workshop Activity
Participants will practice Q5 – Mechanics.

Day 1 Review

Q4 – What?

Types of formatting applications: email, reports, formal documents

Workshop Activity
Participants will practice writing an application

Review: Q5 – Mechanics
Focus: Additional factors regarding strong vs. weak writing

Graphic Highlighting

Current Trends in Business Writing

Workshop Activity
Participants will collaborate with a brief group quiz.

Review group quiz response


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