Power BI for
Government Intermediate

January 31 & February 7, 2024 | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

The Power BI Intermediate training is designed for professionals who have a basic understanding of Power BI but are looking to expand their skills and gain deeper insights into their data. The training covers
advanced data modeling techniques, empowering attendees to optimize performance and accuracy of their data.

The course also covers the use of DAX functions and calculations for complex data analysis, allowing attendees to uncover valuable insights and trends in their data. In addition, attendees will learn how to create
interactive and visually appealing dashboards and reports with Power BI’s robust visualization tools, helping them to effectively communicate their findings to stakeholders.

With the skills gained from this training, attendees will be able to take their data analysis to the next level, making informed decisions and drive success for their departments and agencies.

Who should attend

This course is meticulously tailored for professionals across all three government tiers within the public sector, providing a comprehensive platform to enhance their Excel proficiency

Data Science, Analysis and Engineering

Business Intelligence

Beginner in Data Management and Analytics

Solution Architects

Learning Outcomes

Build your own Power BI report and develop a
comprehensive hands on understanding of the

Creation of interactive and visually appealing
dashboards and reports with Power BI’s robust
visualization tools.

Advanced data modeling techniques for optimizing
performance and data accuracy.

Mastery of advanced calculations and DAX functions for complex data analysis.

Meet Your Facilitator


Michael Scholtz is the owner and founder of RoninSights, and he has a profound passion for Power BI. This unique and robust tool serves as his primary instrument for bringing data-driven professionals closer to their data, thereby assisting them in making more informed decisions based on data. With over a decade of analytical experience, Michael has crafted reports across various industries, spanning regions such as the USA, Europe, and APAC. Now, he is eager to share this wealth of knowledge in Power BI and data analysis with you.

Michael recognized that data-driven insights may not always be apparent to businesses. Stakeholders who stand to benefit the most from these insights may not possess the capability or willingness to conduct the analysis themselves. Additionally, those who could gain the most might resist changing the established status quo. By translating data into meaningful and impactful insights, Michael has successfully improved customer experiences, expanded revenue streams, reduced waste, saved time, enhanced staff and customer retention rates, and transformed the mindset of entire organizations.

Michael Scholtz’s expertise extends beyond data analysis, encompassing a wide range of areas including Business Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, and Email Marketing, making RoninSights a valuable resource for comprehensive data-driven solutions.

Key Sessions

Day 1Day 2
  • Creating relationships
  • Relationships, structure, filtering directions
  • Unique ways of creating a report look and feel
  • Choosing a design template
  • Simple DAX (Count, Sum, averages and measures within measures etc.)
  • Dax Intermediate (Calculate and time intelligence formulas)
  • Creating DIM_DATES and Fiscal DIM_DATES from front and back end
  • M Language for Transforming Data
  • Creating Visuals and importing Visuals
  • Lay Out Concepts
  • Embracing Bookmarks to create something unique

Grouping, merging tables and calculations for data transformation

Transform – When to use “Transform” or the “Add Column” Tab

  • Detect Data Types
  • Replace Values
  • Move Columns
  • Format
  • Merge or split columns
  • Date / Time / Duration

Bringing it all together, advanced features, publishing and
sharing projects

  • Clustering
  • Grouping
  • Using “Analytics” within Visuals
  • “Get more visuals”
  • Adding Buttons and Bookmarks
  • Booked marked filters


Regular Price

Limited slots

$995 USD

per person + tax

Additional discounts are available for group registrations of 10 or more.
For group discount inquiries, payment inquiries, or custom training solutions please contact [email protected]

* Registration for this training is exclusively for professionals currently working within the Public Sector.

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