Peer-to-Peer Program

Our mission is to share success stories and uplift capability across the public sector, providing the insights, advice and tools via our social learning platform.

By bringing together an expert industry analyst, a market-leading technology partner, and 10-12 senior government executives, we are able to conduct innovative research and create unique content that provides insight and impact to a range of agencies, departments and councils.

As a partner you benefit from “voice of the customer” research and content, face-time with key decision makers, and broader lead-generation activities – all of which inform and impact future marketing campaigns and guarantee your route-to-market.


Highly researched, well-written and nicely designed Whitepapers are a powerful addition to the sales and marketing toolkit, and can provide potent, knowledge-led solutions to increasing business challenges.


Webinars and on-demand webcasts are an ideal, cost-e ective method to promote your brand, engage prospects nationwide and generate quali ed leads through direct communication to a targeted audience.

Roundtables (Virtual and In-Person)

Private briefings help drive crucial conversations with key stakeholders, to increase brand awareness and lead generation within a particular function, or location.

What your peer’s had to say

“Thank you for all of your hard work on this, we’ve had such great results!”

“Thank you for the top-notch management of our sponsorship – really appreciated the ease of process.”

The PSN team members have so much market knowledge and are able to provide valuable insights on our audiences.”

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