Better Detecting, Managing & Preventing
Occupational Fraud

21 February 2023 | Australia

Public sector employees today are spending more money, across more spend categories, and using more payment methods than ever before. The influx of new channels of employee spend has created new points of potential risk for policy violations and fraudulent spend, and made it harder to monitor. Although most fraud is accidental, it still costs your department money and can cause significant reputational damage. 

It’s critical now, more than ever to have the right solutions in place to detect and prevent occupational fraud and the associated risks. Spend control is a continuously evolving process. By taking proactive steps now to implement automated, internal controls, your organisation can supplement human oversight with detective technology to help quickly identify the red flags of fraud.

Watch the recent SAP Concur webinar on how public sector organisations can better detect, manage and prevent occupational fraud in 2023bought to you by SAP Concur.

Meet the Speaker Panel

Allister Higgins
Director of Investigations
ACT Integrity Commission

Marija Maher,
Chief Operating Officer
Victorian Ombudsman

Tom Marland,
Principal Solutions Consultant
SAP Concur

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