Community Guidelines 

Our Mission: 

To connect public servants globally. We aim to create a space where members are interacting daily with their peers across the world to learn, inspire and improve all aspects of government.  

So please…. 

Be Helpful – We’re here to connect and learn from each other – this is a community that welcomes questions and it’s a space where any input is valued.  We aim to connect public servants from across the globe to give each other advice, input and trouble shoot any issues we experience in our public sector roles. 

Be Kind – It’s a tough world out there, especially for public servants.  Let’s keep this space a safe one for all our members – we deserve it! All of our members have come here to learn more, network, be inspired, progress in our roles and to innovate, so let’s be kind to each other on our journeys to create a better government. 

Be Supportive – This is a community who listens – any ideas could be good ideas, any experiences, good or bad can be learned from. Support your fellow public servants so our members know they have a strong network to talk to when they visit this community. 

Please Share – You’re smart, ambitious and talented. We want to hear about your innovative ideas.  Let’s connect to share innovative ideas to improve government globally and please share any informative media (videos, podcasts etc) you find along the way which support these ideas. 

In order to support our values and goals…. 

Keep Posts Content-Appropriate –We are here to talk about topics that directly impact your role as a public servant and the delivery of public sector services. Any posts that are not relevant will be deleted. 

Zero Tolerance for Harassment – While we encourage members to challenge ideas, we have zero tolerance for attacks of any kind and your post will be deleted. Please keep comments supportive and kind. 

Protect Privacy, Intellectual Property and Copyrights – Ensure your comments and content you share is allowed and appropriate for a large, global forum. Respect the privacy and personal information of other members. Don’t share sensitive, protected or restricted information about projects, government reports, polls, etc. Don’t share content that is only meant to be accessed under a subscription or private group, such as subscriber-only newspaper or newsletter articles or videos, training materials, or subscription-only analyst reports. 

Please, no solicitation – please don’t post spam. 

3 Strikes, You’re Out! – Any members who are approached by our community admin for behaving inappropriately will receive a total of three warnings if the behaviour continues before being permanently removed from the group. 

If you have any concerns about posts you see in the group, please let us know at [email protected]