Post-Event Report - Virtual Future of Work Series 2020

Post-Event Report

Virtual – Future of Work Series 2020

Mobilize the Public Sector Workforce in Unprecedented Times

June 15, 2020 – Eastern / Atlantic Canada | June 16, 2020 – Central / Western Canada

About the Series

Change is hitting the Public Sector workplace at an unprecedented pace. Is your organization ready for the future?

From artificial intelligence to predictive analytics, employee wellness to employer branding, bring your-own-software to virtual reality — there is no shortage of advancements shaping workplaces in Canada’s public sector.

The Future of Work series covers a range of topics around workforce development, recruiting, training and retaining the best possible workforce, changing ways of working supporting an increasingly disruptive economy requiring government to operate like agile and mobile enterprises, the role of data analytics in workforce planning, and the potential impacts of robotization and machine learning on the future of public sector.

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