Architecting the Modern Public Sector Enterprise

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Neboneid Hamoo 11 January 2021
Architecting the Modern Public Sector Enterprise

Enterprise architecture in the field of information technology is about taking a system-wide perspective when delivering change, and ensuring that the change is accessible and sustainable.

This paper brings together the perspectives of three technology experts as they navigate their way through change. Each of them has made a tangible difference to their organisations, and each has learned lessons about how to ensure that the enterprise architecture of their organisations is sustainable, relevant, contemporary, and applicable.

Key Takeaways:

  • IT changes need to be sustainable and relevant
  • Enterprise architecture is about doing and seeing things in a holistic way
  • The Department of Health and Human Services in Victoria developed a Platform + Agile approach for its enterprise architecture
  • At Auckland Transport, they conducted an audit and discovered gaps and capabilities
  • At Transport Canada, their goal was to move to the cloud and save money
  • All of these approaches are about seeing things holistically, making changes, and making sure that the changes are sustainable and repeatable

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Neboneid Hamoo Data Management & Analytics / Corporate & Shared Services Partnership Director, Public Sector Network