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Data Visualisation & Storytelling for Government

13 & 20 April 2022 | 10am – 2:30pm AEST | Online

Training Overview

visualisation. Naturally, the human brain is pre- programmed to respond faster to visual cues, and with the rise of big data in recent years, the importance of data visualisation, coupled with the art of data storytelling has grown exponentially

In light of this, we have designed a ‘Data Visualisation & Storytelling for Government’ online training that will provide you with all the tools and techniques to apply best practice data visualisation principles to shape data stories. Participants leave with theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as a functional process that can be immediately applied to any dataset to take data from mere information, and transform it into actionable insights.

Through an innovative mix of lecture-style presentations, interactive group exercises, and expert feedback, participants in this training will learn the fundamentals of data visualisation and how this tool can be leveraged to identify insights, how to build more compelling data narratives, and how data storytelling can secure stakeholder buy-in and inform decision making.