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Translating Your IT Knowledge for Non-IT Leaders

2 – Day Training | 7 & 8 December 2022 | 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Communicating Your Technical Expertise to Influence Decisions and Drive Better Outcomes in Government

Why are some people so easy to believe and trust? Why do we buy into their message?
Technology specialists and experts hold enormous power to influence, affect change, and power transformation — even when you don’t know it. However, tapping into your technical expertise to drive and influence important business decisions doesn’t come naturally to all technologists.

Building trust and credibility by shaping powerful messages that resonate with your non-technical stakeholders
The ‘Translating Your IT Knowledge for Non-IT Leaders’ Online Workshop will empower you to make sure that your expertise has an impact and enable you to tap into your specialist knowledge and influence strategic outcomes by sharpening your communication skills and building your confidence.

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Learning Outcomes

Tailoring powerful messages

Uncover the motivations and challenges of your business partners that resonate with them

Fostering Innovations

Learn how to become an effective IT and innovation business partner and build strong relationships

Unlocking strategies

Translate your technical expertise to non-technical stakeholders within your organisation

Smoothening processes

Bridge the gap between technology and business outcomes

Meet Your Facilitators

Rochelle Fittler, Co-founder, and Director, The Expert Leader

Rochelle is a former Chief Information Officer, Operations Manager, and Senior International Liaison Officer at the Australian Public Service. After more than 20 years in the Defence and Intelligence Sector, Rochelle is pursuing her passion for building leadership potential in others. Rochelle’s background in science and analysis means she loves exploring the latest rigorous research on leadership
and considering how this applies to practical technical and operational challenges. Rochelle has previously led foundational technology review programs, established new technical intelligence and operational capabilities, and negotiated international cooperation agreements.

Lynn Moore, Co-founder, and Director, The Expert Leader

Lynn’s impressive record of over 35 years in Defence, Intelligence, and Cyber Security is matched only by her passion for developing and empowering individuals to live up to their full potential. Her previous experience managing technical and operational teams underpins her success as an early leader in establishing the Australian Government’s cyber security capability. Lynn was instrumental in establishing the Cyber Security Operations Centre at the Australian Signals Directorate. She has led major technical change programs and implemented new intelligence and security capabilities in multiple Government departments.

Key Sessions

Day1Day 2

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Communicating Expertise

Keynote Session: Introduction to the Elements of Communicating Expertise

  • Aligning IT and technology insight into the larger strategic business framework
  • Focusing on the ‘why’ your insight matter; and ‘how’ does it affect your audience

Keynote Session: Effective Listening in Practice

  • The foundation of becoming an effective listener
  • Importance of listening in promoting organisational relationships, encouraging product delivery, innovation, and navigating periods of change

Keynote Session: Communicating to Connect

  • Understanding your audience and uncovering the aspects of your expertise that resonates
  • Communicating to engage and connect and finding a balance between clarity and detail

Module 2: The Art of Negotiation and Persuasion

Keynote Session: Communicating Authoritatively

  • Communicating with credibility and trust in practice
  • Imbibing consistency in your messaging and being constant, repeatable, and regular

Keynote Session: Negotiating and Persuasion to Drive your IT and Innovation Agenda

  • The difference between negotiation and persuasion and identifying the best situations for each approach
  • Forming a link between your message and how it affects your audience and organisation at large

Group Activity: Communicating for Influence in Action

  • Evaluate press conferences that involve specialists or experts or historical state records
  • Learn different approaches that these experts and specialists use to get their message across.

Module 3: Mastering Difficult Situation

Keynote Session: Thinking on Your Feet: How to Find Your Voice and Communicating Effectively Under Pressure

  • How to practice decisiveness in stressful scenarios
  • Silver linings and building trust and forging a relationship in conflict

Keynote Session: Giving and Receiving Feedback in a Constructive and Empathetic Way

  • The importance of empathy in giving constructive feedback
  • On the receiving end: How to take onboard feedback in a meaningly way

Keynote Session: Communicating a Big Idea to Change the World

  • Work on your ‘Bid idea to Change the World’ and apply the tools and techniques learned today to build a communication strategy
  • Convince your key stakeholders, including non-technical stakeholders that this is a good idea

Module 4: Delivering your Pitch

Break-out Group Activity: Deliver the Pitch

  • Pitch your big idea to the group, as you would be the key stakeholder both inside and outside the organisation
  • Draw on course frameworks, tools, and techniques to justify your pitch and benchmark against your peers

Wrap-up and Evaluation:

  • Receive professional feedback from facilitator and draw on peer observations
  • Be referred to further resources for building best practices and top tips

Gain Implementable Strategies

Leverage your Technical Expertise  to Influence Important Business Decisions 

Formulate  Consistent and Carefully Constructed Message 

Communicating Confidently and Decisively in High-Pressure Situations 

A Ready-to-Use Tool Kit to Pitch Your Ideas with Confidence 

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