Public Sector Network and KPMG Presents:

Future of Transport Summit 2024 

Advancing Sustainable Transport

Wednesday, 9th October
Docklands, Melbourne

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What’s In Store for 2024

The Future of Transport Summit tackles critical challenges in the transportation sector, focusing on implementing sustainable practices and leveraging innovative technologies for future development. We will explore integrating sustainable practices in transport planning and implementing robust policies that support emissions reduction through optimised land use and urban planning. Redesigning cities with mixed land use can reduce the need for long commutes, cutting down on carbon output.

Active transportation will be a key topic, promoting walking and cycling as viable, everyday modes of transit. Attendees will discuss strategies for fostering behavioural change and encouraging citizens to adopt more sustainable travel behaviours.

We will delve into innovative technologies, including data analytics and AI, to support carpooling and ridesharing, and discuss the electrification of vehicles as a strategic move away from fossil fuels. Enhancing fuel efficiency for existing fleets, implementing alternative fuels, and leveraging advanced data and AI for traffic management will also feature prominently in our discussions.  

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Sneak Peek at the 2024 Speaker Panel

Innovate AU 2023 Speaker

The Hon. Melissa Horne, Minister for Roads and Road Safety;
Minister for Ports and Freight,
Victorian State Government 

Joann Wilkie

Jonathan Spear,
Chief Executive,
Infrastructure Victoria 

Ruth Owen

Kane Thornton,
Chief Executive,
Clean Energy Council 

Sarah Cruikshank

Jennifer Rebeiro, Executive General Manager, Enterprise Transformation, Transport Accident Commission  

Innovate AU 2023 Speaker

Susan Palmer-Cannon, Executive Director,
Train and Tram Projects, Rolling Stock, Department of Transport 

Darren Cavanagh

Michael Neale,
Executive Director, Rolling Stock Engineering,
Department of Transport 

Michael Rodriguez

Dr Sharn Enzinger, Executive Director, Metro Trams, Department of Transport and Planning 

Mandy Young

Melissa Dobric, Executive Director, Strategic Projects, Department of Transport and Planning 

Innovate AU 2023 Speaker

PaoYi Tan,
Head of Automated Vehicle Programme, National Transport Commission 

Darren Cavanagh

Victoria Hart,
Manager Sustainability and Climate,
Merri-bek City Council 

Michael Rodriguez

Andrew Newman, Director, Ports, Freight and Intermodal,
Freight Victoria

Benefits of Attending

Identifying strategies across the state on making progress toward decarbonising transport

Connecting with leading figures and experts actively driving decarbonization efforts

Leveraging knowledge by collaborating and gaining connections to support your project goals

Facilitating and leading initiatives that contribute to the overarching goal
of a decarbonised Victoria

Key People You’ll Meet

Senior Public Sector Executives within:



Freight and Logistics 



Service Design

Customer Experience 


Key Themes

Urban planning

Integrating sustainable planning and robust policies to support emissions reduction through optimised land use and urban planning

Shifting behavioural practices

Promoting and supporting the adoption of walking and cycling as viable, everyday modes of transit and advance public transport networks

Supporting the shift to electric vehicles

Adopting the use of electric vehicles through infrastructure, planning, and decarbonisation strategies

Optimising fleet management

Enhancing fuel efficiency and exploring alternatives with a focus on integrating sustainable practices to support decarbonisation goals


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Hear from public sector leaders about the latest trends and explore how to instantly apply these insights and gain unique perspectives


An opportunity to engage with your peers from across the state in dedicated networking sessions, interactive roundtable discussions and meal breaks


Hear  from leading solutions providers in the government space as they explore key technologies to improve citizen services


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