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Adelaide, 04 April 2024

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8:00 am

Foyer E

Registration and Networking Coffee

9:00 am

Hall D

Public Sector Network Opening and Acknowledgement of Country

9:10 am

Hall D

Welcome from Chair

Sudeep Acharya, CEO, MTX ANZ

9:20 am

Ministerial Address Hall D

Ministerial Address

Hon Andrea Michaels MP | Minister for Consumer and Business Affairs, the Arts, and Small and Family Business

9:30 am

Government Keynote Hall D

South Australian Government’s Digital Strategy Update | Where are We Now and What is The Way Forward

Dr. Eva Balan-Vnuk, Executive Director | Government Chief Information Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), Department of the Premier and Cabinet
  • Understanding the path ahead, and moving away from focusing just on a COVID-19 recovery process
  • Highlighting South Australian Government’s digital transformation journey
  • Discussing the challenges and opportunities for South Australian Government
  • Showcasing the blueprint for digital equity for South Australian citizens

9:40 am

Government Keynote Hall D

Interstate Government Keynote: NSW Digital Journey - Where To From Here and What We’ve learnt So Far

Laura Christie, Deputy Secretary, NSW Department of Customer Service
  • Providing the big picture view of what the government’s digital transformation journey looks like, and its drive to deliver better outcomes for citizens
  • Understanding what digital inclusion looks like for effective collaboration between government services, private sector, and citizens
  • Creating investment opportunities into digital infrastructure to fast-track innovation

10:00 am

Hall D

Partner Session: Empowering South Australia's Digital Future Through Future-Ready Digital Infrastructure

David Dzienciol, Chief Commercial Officer. NEXTDC
  • Harnessing innovation & data sovereignty to empower & protect South Australia’s digital economy.
  • Implementing hybrid IT strategies to fast-track South Australia’s digital future.
  • Breaking down global developments in AI and what it means for government and Australian citizens.

10:20 am

Panel Discussion Hall D

Unpacking the Talent Shortage Within Tech Roles in South Australia

  • Developing learning pathways to increase the talent pipeline – how can the education system and public sector collaborate to develop and certify new talent?
  • Creating flexible opportunities to attract (new) talent and retain current talent – how can this be achieved effectively?
  • The reality of the talent shortage in South Australia compared to other Australian states

Professor Romy Lawson, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students), Flinders University
Linda Abrams-South, Executive Director Corporate Services, Courts Administration Authority
Jeff Swann, Chief Officer, South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
Kim Valois, Chief Information Security Officer, SA Water

10:50 am

Foyer E

Morning Tea and Networking Break

11:20 am

Digital and CX | Hall D

Welcome from Digital & CX Stream Chair

Simon Goodrich, Co-founder, Portable
Technology and Data | Hall G

Welcome from Technology & Data Stream Chair

Cyber | Hall C

Welcome from Cyber Stream Chair

Dane Meah, CEO & Co-Founder, MyCISO

11:30 am

Government Keynote Digital and CX | Hall D

Insights from the South Australian Space Industry Centre | Space and Space Technology and Innovation from a Benefit-to-Humanity Perspective

Catherine Grace, Director, South Australian Space Industry Centre
  • Providing an insight into South Australia’s role in the global space industry
  • Examining the practical applications of space technology for the betterment of society
  • Encouraging public sector collaboration in space technology and innovation
Government Case Study Technology and Data | Hall G

Supporting Front Line Decision-Making Through Machine Learning | The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health

Tina Hardin, Executive Director, Clinical Informatics, The Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health
  • Developing strategies for improved and efficient patient care in South Australia – how are data and Machine Learning
    assisting with this outcome?
  • Scalability of technology to achieve efficient patient care
  • Collaborating to create innovative opportunities for better results for South Australian patients
Government Keynote Cyber | Hall C

Driving Digital Trust with Cyber Security Audits

Andrew Corrigan, Executive Director (Data and Technology), Auditor-General’s Department of South Australia
  • Discussing the significance of digital trust in government operations
  • Exploring the impact of cyber security on citizen confidence
  • Highlighting the benefits of regular audits for public sector entities

11:50 am

Partner Session Technology and Data | Hall G

Partner Session: Navigating the Future: Achieving a Modern Workplace with Data and AI Excellence

Chris Morrison, Group Manager, Digital Enterprise Advisory, Avanade
  • Explore the dynamic changes in modern workplaces and the challenges and opportunities for organisations in this rapidly transforming landscape
  • Delve into the transformative impact of AI on data utilisation, collaboration and communication, driving enhance productivity, innovation and creativity in the workplace
  • Gain insights into implementing comprehensive security practices, from identity and access management to threat detection and response to ensure a resilient and secure modern workplace environment
Cyber | Hall C

Inside the Zero Trust Exchange

Louis Fourie, Senior Sales Engineer, Zscaler
  • The why, what and how
  • Eliminate 3rd party risk
  • Integrations
  • What’s coming in 2024

11:55 am

Government Case Study Digital and CX | Hall D

Driving Citizen- Centric Outcomes Through Digital Transformation | amica | Legal Services Commission of South Australia

David Mazzone, Chief Operating Officer, Legal Services Commission of South Australia
  • Empowering Citizens – how amica is empowering people to resolve their own disputes
  • Client Centric Design – putting citizens at the heart of transforming the way Government delivers services
  • How technology such as Artificial Intelligence can improve access to justice

12:10 pm

Fireside Chat Technology and Data | Hall G

Elevating Government Operations: The Power of Data Analytics in Government

Ben Taylor, Assistant Commissioner, Data Insights, Australian Taxation Office
  • The role of data analytics in transforming government operations
  • Providing the big picture perspective – how is data driving a digital South Australian government?
  • Addressing challenges faced in implementing data analytics and the solutions to overcome them
Government Keynote Cyber | Hall C

Unlocking Shared Cyber Capability: Building a Secure Future Together

Will Luker, Government Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Discussing the importance of building a secure and resilient cyber ecosystem in the South Australian public sector
  • Assessing the current cyber landscape – what are the challenges, opportunities, threats and vulnerabilities?
  • Enhancing information sharing and collaboration among public sector organisations

12:20 pm

Panel Discussion Digital and CX | Hall D

Digital Leadership: Navigating the Future of Government in South Australia

  • Setting a vision and strategy for digital leadership
  • Aligning government goals with citizen centric outcomes
  • KPIs for digital leadership

Marcel Althoff, Chief Information Officer, City of Marion
Madhumita Mazumdar, Executive General Manager Technology, Journey Beyond
Nick May, Chief Customer Officer, Beyond Bank
Sudeep Acharya, CEO, MTX ANZ

12:30 pm

Partner Session Technology and Data | Hall G

Partner Session: Insights into Digitally Enabled Asset Management

Dr Jade Aitken, GM Data & AI, Ventia | Philip Crawford, Head of Engineering and Assets Manager, Ventia
  • Focusing on a digital and data-driven approach to asset and facilities management
  • Highlighting the use of data, GIS, IoT and image analysis to drive data-driven decisions
  • Providing an overview of real-world applications of digitally enabled asset management
Cyber | Hall C

Cyber Security is National Security

Nicole Quinn, Head of Government Affairs - APAC, Fortinet

Understanding the geo-politcal and the legislative environment, and how this is driving government and business response to cyber security.

12:50 pm

Panel Discussion Technology and Data | Hall G

Data-Driven Decision-Making for Government Agencies

  • Utilisation of data across agencies
  • Promoting data literacy within organisations
  • Implementing data governance frameworks

Michael Hoffmann, General Manager Technology, Disaster Relief Australia
Dr Henry Pharo, Director Early Intervention Research Directorate | Inclusion and Reform, Department of Human Services
Kim Weimer, Director, Digital Transformation, Essential Services Commission of South Australia
Lasath Kahingala, Data Consulting Lead, NCS Australia

Panel Discussion Cyber | Hall C

Privacy vs Security: Exploring the Differences and Relationships

  • Exploring the fundamental differences between privacy and security
  • Discussing legal and regulatory Frameworks that address each aspect
  • Exploring data protection laws and privacy regulations in South Australia

Dr. Katherine Enderling, Director Engineering & Security, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Mamello Thinyane, Optus Chair of Cybersecurity and Data Science UniSA STEM, University of South Australia
Anne-Louise Brown, Director of Policy, Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre

Puneet Tikoo, Australian Cloud Compliance Lead, Cisco

1:20 pm

Foyer E

Lunch and Networking Break

2:20 pm

Roundtables Digital & CX, and Technology & Data Streams | Hall D

Concurrent Roundtables

Roundtable 1: Unlocking Public Sector Data: Strategies for Enhanced Access and Utilization
Benjamin Henshall, General Manager & Regional Vice President, Denodo

Roundtable 2: GenAI – friend or foe
Juliana Bachtold, Director, A&I Security Lead, Avanade Australia

Roundtable 3: How do you choose between Quality, Cost or Customer Experience?
Joel Deutscher, Executive General Manager of Technology & Innovation, Planit

Roundtable 4: Unlocking citizen-centric service through effective processes and tools
Robert Thompson, Enterprise Manager, Area9 IT Solutions & Warren Jones, Senior Solutions Engineer, Atlassian

Roundtable 5: 2024 HR Trends: The Year of AI & Combatting the Talent Shortage
Carl Hubbard, SAP SuccessFactors Executive HR Value Advisor | Dex Brumby, South Australian SuccessFactors Account Executive
Nick Harris, South Australian Public Sector Account Executive, SAP

Roundtable 6: Enhancing the CX Experience: Strategies, Challenges, and Opportunities
Cate Hillard, Director Health & Human Services, MTX APAC

Roundtable 7: Creating a more connected government with LEO satellites and secure digital infrastructure
David Jack, Head of Industry Verticals, Enterprise & Government, Vocus

Roundtable 8: Navigating the complexities of real-time inter-agency data sharing by establishing data sharing as a program
DJ Munuswamy, Partner, KPMG
Rupa Mathur, Associate Director, KPMG

Roundtable 9: Get Hands on with Analytics Automation
Tanu Singh, Solution Engineer – Enterprise & Government, Alteryx

Roundtable 10: Navigating Fast Lanes: Roundtable Exploring Strategies and Challenges to Accelerate Project Delivery for Business Impact
Jade Smith, Head of Planning and Portfolio Management, Cathara Consulting
Jeremy Brady, Head of Projects, Cathara Consulting

Roundtable 11: Enhancing customer and citizen experiences with well-designed digital services
Steph Mellor, Lead Client Partner, Portable

Roundtable 12: GenAI – Beyond the Theoretical: Deploying Generative AI for Public Sector Excellence
Nikita Atkins, Artificial Intelligence Lead, NCS Australia

Roundtables Cyber Security Stream | Hall C

Concurrent Roundtables

Roundtable 13: What CISO must know – Steps to Improve your Cyber Security Posture and Maturity using Essential Eight (E8)?
Puneet Tikoo, Australian Cloud Compliance Lead, Cisco

Roundtable 14: From Defence to Enablement: Cybersecurity the Business Enabler
Steven Woodhouse, CISO ANZ, Fortinet

Roundtable 15: What Actually Happens in the ‘War Room’ During a Catastrophic Cyber Attack?
James Calder, Partner at Scyne Advisory

Roundtable 16: Secure Services Edge in SA Government
Nic Schwarz, Regional Manager, Palo Alto Networks
Jason Stead, Senior Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

Roundtable 17: Digital Controls in Finance to Prevent Cybercrime
Facilitated by: Eftsure

Roundtable 18: The Art of Cyber War: Adapting Sun Tzu’s Wisdom for Today’s Digital Defenders
Daniel Johns, Security Principal, MyCISO

Roundtable 19: Surfaces and Gaps: Barriers and Solutions for Uniting Government Departments to Effectively Disrupt Cyber Threats
Alex Heidenreich, Executive Director Cyber Capability, Education & Training, CyberCX

3:20 pm

Afternoon Plenary | Hall D

Welcome Back From Event Chair

Sudeep Acharya, CEO, MTX ANZ
Cyber Stream | Hall C

Welcome Back From Event Chair

Dane Meah, CEO & Co-Founder, MyCISO

3:30 pm

Government Case Study Afternoon Plenary | Hall D

Diving Into the Success of Project EdChat | Department of Education

Daniel Hughes, Chief Information Officer, South Australian Department of Education
  • Discussing the roadmap in creating and delivering Project EdChat
  • Providing initial feedback on the pilot
  • Keeping students secure on the platform – how is this achieved?
Government Keynote Cyber Stream | Hall C

5 Areas of Focus For Cyber Uplift

Mitch Riley-Meijer A/g Assistant Secretary, Government Cyber and Protective Security Cyber Security Policy Division | Cyber and Infrastructure Security Group The Department of Home Affairs

3:50 pm

Partner Session Afternoon Plenary | Hall D

Partner Session: The role of Data Fabric as an innovation enabler

Felix Liao, Director of Product Management, Denodo
  • Common challenges in driving data driven innovations in governments today.
  • Key components of a data fabric and the value they provide.
  • Examples of data driven innovation and service delivery enabled by government agencies.
Partner Session Cyber Stream | Hall C

Shaping and Influence - the Art of Activating Cyber Mastery within Senior Leadership

Alex Heidenreich Executive Director Cyber Capability, Education and Training, CyberCX
  • Insights on how to activate accountability, confidence, and ultimately mastery within non-technical leaders
  • Key messages and methods
  • Divergent thinking- challenging the current paradigm

4:10 pm

Panel Discussion Afternoon Plenary - Hall D

Putting the Focus on Digital Equity for South Australian Citizens

  • Highlighting government strategies and innovations for fostering digital equity
  • Looking into industry initiatives that have successfully promoted digital inclusion
  • Discussing the role of policy and government commitment in sustaining and scaling digital equity efforts

Professor Joy Rathjen, Director, Research & Innovation, SA Pathology
Dr Shikha Sharma, CIO/ Director Business Improvement and Technology, Department of Human Services
Stuart Watt, Chief Information Officer, Department for Primary Industries and Regions

Panel Discussion Cyber Stream | Hall C

We Need to Talk About Third-Party Risk Management

  • Discussing common challenges faced in managing third-party risks
  • Identifying vulnerabilities and threats posed by external partners
  • Emphasising the role of due diligence and continuous monitoring

Fern Hillyard, Senior Manager Cyber Policy & Risk, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Rosalie Martin, Director, Cyber Security Outreach, National Office of Cyber Security
James Calder, Partner, Cyber & Tech Risk, Scyne Advisory

4:40 pm

Cyber Stream | Hall C

Closing Remarks

Afternoon Plenary | Hall D

Closing Remarks

4:50 pm

Foyer E

Drinks & Networking

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