2024 Government Cybersecurity Showcase - Alberta


Edmonton, 09 October 2024

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8:00 am

Registration and Networking Breakfast

9:00 am

Welcome from the Chair

9:20 am

Government Keynote

The Roadmap to Cybersecurity Strategies –Zero Trust and Beyond 

Martin Dinel, CISO and ADM - Cybersecurity, Ministry of Technology and Innovation

In this session, Alberta’s CISO will discuss all things Cyber strategy and cyber threats.  How can we get the Public Sector approach to security moving towards proactive and integrated, ensuring our teams understand what business assets and processes are most important to protect, and securing these while preserving business agility

Martin Dinel, CISO and ADM - Cybersecurity, Ministry of Technology and Innovation

9:40 am

Gold Partner

AI and Machine Learning for Security Threat Identification

10:00 am

Panel Discussion

Scaling Innovation: The Vulnerability of our Legacy Applications and Systems

Jan Bradley, Chief Information and Technology Officer, City of Calgary

Billy Ma, Executive Director – Cybersecurity, Ministry of Technology and Innovation

So many organizations are focused on automating and renewing legacy systems but at what cost? The drive for change creates enhanced risk and organizations destabilized by change processes. While legacy systems are outdated, they pose a huge risk to our country.

10:40 am

Networking Break & Morning Tea

11:10 am


11:20 am


Deep Fakes, AI, and the Faceless Online Threats

Sarah Hunt – Information Security Officer, Ministry of Technology and Innovation

World leading COO’s are getting caught out by $28 million dollar scams through terrifyingly realistic AI scams. What does this threat look like for Alberta’s public sector, and how is the Government of Alberta preparing for it?

Sarah Hunt – Information Security Officer, Ministry of Technology and Innovation

11:40 am

Gold Partner

Unraveling the Realm of Cyber Crime: Confronting Advanced Cyber Threats

12:00 pm

Fireside Chat

A Fireside Chat on University Life in the Digital Age

Gordie Mah, CISO, University of Alberta

Michael Spaling, Manager, Information Security Office of the CISO, University of Alberta

Join us for an engaging fireside chat where we explore the intersection of technology, internet culture, and security within the university community. We’ll discuss the critical role of technology in supporting mental health and handling real-world scenarios that students and staff encounter daily. The conversation will also discuss how internet culture influences campus dynamics and interactions. We’ll delve into the importance of research security and address the challenges of incident response and managing deprecated systems in research environments. This chat aims to provide valuable insights and foster a collaborative dialogue on creating a safer and more supportive academic landscape.

12:30 pm

Gold Partner

Optimizing Cybersecurity throughout Your Cloud Journey

12:50 pm

Panel Discussion

The Good Sides of AI – How Alberta’s Health Sector is Leveraging AI and Automation

Kim Simmonds, Assistant-Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy and Performance, Ministry for Health

Jesse Tutt, Program Director – Intelligent Automation, Alberta Health Services

As it undergoes mass changes to create an integrated Health model for Alberta, the Health sector is at the forefront. In this session we hear from Alberta’s Health departments as they discuss the impact of leveraging AI and Automation across the Health service to enhance efficiencies and create stronger citizen outcomes and experiences.


1:20 pm

Networking Lunch Break

2:25 pm



3:25 pm

Fireside Chat

Protecting Data with Security by Design – Building Security into our Culture Through DevSecOps to be Prepared for What is to Come

Chris Wright, Director – Service Integration, Ministry of Technology and Innovation
Michael Schwab, Director – Application & Product Security, Ministry of Technology and Innovation

This session will discuss Technology and Innovation’s approach to the integration of agile security applications that are compliant and seamless, embedding security into their DevSecOps culture, and the challenges that come along with this. They will share why application teams are too risk averse to trust automated frameworks, and why they’d rather risk taking a few weeks to patch a zero-day vulnerability, rather than chance an outage due to automated deployments.

3:55 pm

Government Keynote

Strengthening Cybersecurity in the Digital Age

4:15 pm

Closing Remarks

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