Social Impact Assessment: Optimising Positive Outcomes for Communities

Thursday, 21 & 28 March 2024 | 10:00am – 2:30pm AEDT | Online

Training Overview

Key skills to help you create social value, enable equitable change, and drive sustainability through community-centric assessments 

In today’s dynamic world, optimising the social impact of public sector initiatives is critical, with budgets under increasing scrutiny. Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is a pivotal tool, offering a structured approach to evaluate community initiatives. This course provides a comprehensive overview of SIA, blending macro-level statistics for a big-picture view and data-driven insights for informed decisions benefiting society, sustainable development, and community well-being.

Gain quick-win insights applicable to your work and inspiration to contribute positively to current and future projects. Emphasising community-centric assessments, the course equips participants with tools to drive meaningful change and address challenges such as limited access to social research data and complexities in SIA methodologies. It offers practical guidance, access to resources, and an interactive learning environment, ensuring participants are well-equipped to conduct impactful SIAs aligned with societal betterment goals and the UN SDGs.

Who Should Attend

Heads, Directors, Managers, Leads, Advisors and Specialists from the following functions:

Community Engagement/Development, Stakeholder Management, Environment, Policy and Social Panning

Sustainability including Corporate Social Responsibility Practitioners and any researchers or academics in the field and working with the Public Sector

Not-for-Profit Organisations that are affected by SIA via Public Sector grants

Learning Outcomes

Recognise ethical considerations and best practices in stakeholder engagement and SIA, fostering transparency and fairness.

Acquire practical skills for effective SIA implementation, covering stakeholder engagement, data analysis, impact evaluation, and strategy development.

Cultivate critical thinking abilities to assess the significance and magnitude of social impacts, facilitating informed decision-making.

Gain insights into ethical considerations and best practices in stakeholder engagement and SIA, ensuring transparency, fairness, and integration into decision-making processes and policy development.

Meet Your Facilitator

Zanthea Chulio, Social Innovation Consultant at the SitePodium, the facilitator for Public Sector Network's Social Impact Assessment training.

Social Innovation Consultant

Zanthea, a seasoned expert in community-centric assessments, is a respected figure in the field, driven by her passion for social impact. Currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at Swinburne University of Technology, she brings diverse experience, from rural community initiatives to urban redevelopment. Zanthea excels in bridging stakeholder-decision maker gaps, ensuring assessments lead to tangible community improvements.

Known for simplifying complex concepts, Zanthea’s engaging teaching style and practical insights inspire critical and creative thinking about Social Impact Assessment (SIA). Her commitment to equitable development and sustainability has made a global impact, and she invites you to join her in this course for an enlightening journey towards optimising positive outcomes through community-centric assessments.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 2 Day 2: Module 3Day 2: Module 4

Understanding SIA and its significance

  • Introduction to Social Impact Assessment
    • Defining SIA and its relevance 
    • Historical context and evolution of SIA 
    • Key principles and objectives of SIA
  • Types of Impact Assessments
    • Differentiating SIA from Environmental Impact Assessment and Development Approval 
    • Scope and boundaries of SIA 
    • Identifying sectors and projects requiring SIA 

Conducting effective SIAs

  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
    • The importance of community involvement 
    • Identifying and engaging stakeholders 
    • Methods for effective stakeholder consultation 
  • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Collecting quantitative and qualitative data 
    • Analysing baseline conditions 
    • Assessing potential social impacts 

Maximising Positive Outcomes

  • Impact Prediction and Evaluation  
    • Methods for predicting social impacts 
    • Assessing significance and magnitude 
    • Developing impact matrices 
  • Mitigation and Enhancement Strategies
    • Strategies for mitigating negative impacts 
    • Developing mitigation action plans 
    • Identifying opportunities for positive outcomes 

Applying SIA in Practice 

  • Real-World Case Studies and Workshop 
    • Examining successful SIA implementations 
    • Hands-on SIA workshop with group exercises 
    • Final project presentations and peer review 
  • Reporting and Policy Integration 
    • Reporting findings to stakeholders and authorities 
    • Integrating SIA into decision-making processes 
    • The role of SIA in sustainable development 


Final Price

per person + GST

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