Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging for the Public Sector

May 1 & 8, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) for the Public Sector program is crafted to empower government professionals in fostering workplace inclusivity. It emphasizes recognizing biases and cultivating a culture that prioritizes emotional and psychological well-being.

Through three comprehensive modules—Fundamentals of DEI & Self Exploration, Recognizing Bias, and Creating a Sense of Belonging—participants delve into DEIB principles, gaining the
skills to seamlessly integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into the organizational fabric.
This course not only equips participants with practical tools but also guides them in building an inclusive workplace from the ground up. Covering DEIB terminology, unconscious bias, and essential strategies for advancing DEIB within organizations, the program draws on insights from research
with public sector employees. It offers a clear pathway for identifying, valuing, and amplifying diverse voices and experiences across departments and organizations.

Whether at the early stages of a career, in a managerial role, or seeking to deepen understanding, this comprehensive training accommodates diverse needs. Employing a blend of informative presentations, self-reflective exercises, and a supportive peer learning environment, DEIB for the Public Sector provides actionable steps to enhance and sustain one’s DEIB journey

Who Should Attend

This training course is relevant for all public sector employees at all levels including:

CEO/COO/CDO/CFO and their teams & CHROs and Heads of DE&I

Change Management and Organizational Development Leaders

Recruitment & Retention Leaders, Managers and Teams

All Human Resources Leaders, Managers and Teams

Health and Wellbeing Leaders, Managers and Teams

Learning Outcomes

Get better acquainted with DEIB terminologies such as diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging.

Recognize and mitigate bias in decision-making and workplace environments.

Learn how to build an inclusive and psychologically safe workplace and help foster a sense of belonging.

Set accountable action steps to benchmark your DEIB strategy in the short and long term.

Meet Your Facilitator

Irma Vartanian
Intercultural Competence Trainer

Irma Vartanian is an Intercultural Competence Trainer with more than 25 years of experience in the corporate world. She’s an expert in the fields of People Skills for Leaders, and Communication across cultures.

Irma’s clients include Fortune 500 company executives, Public Sector and government officials and international corporate leaders. Her trainings involve enhancing leadership brand, developing negotiation & communication skills within a global framework, where bridging
cultural gaps and sensitivities are a must for success.

A global citizen, based in Canada, a keynote speaker, author andcolumnist, Irma has worked and lived in Europe, the UK, the US and the Middle East. Irma is the President of SIETAR BC in Canada, currently serveson several international boards with loyalty, integrity, empathy &
commitment, and volunteers as a Mentor for emerging women leaders & entrepreneurs.

Irma’s knowledge and experdtise are supported by a Bachelor’s in Pure Mathematics, an MBA from Imperial College and an MA in Protocol and Soft Diplomacy. She’s a Licensed ICQ Global DISC and Growth Zone practitioner; a Certified Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Executive and Cornell Certified for Women in Leadership. In today’s world, companies and organizations thrive on multiculturalism. Irma believes that communication is at the core of any successful and effective collaboration. This calls for customized intercultural competence trainings for government officials, and public sector agents. With this in mind, Irma has designed a crosscultural communication course to develop stakeholders’ engagement and exude trust while sustaining equitable and inclusive outcomes among multicultural and diverse communities

Key Sessions

Day 1: Modules 1 to 2Day 2: Modules 3 to 4

Fundamentals of DEI & Self-Exploration 

  • An Introduction to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
    • Overview of DEIB & how it has evolved and changed
    • Exploring key terms and definitions 
    • Understanding the impact of DEIB in the workplace – everyone has a role
  • Breakout Activity
    • The Diversity Wheel – exploring ‘identity’
    • Self-Reflection – how identity has shaped us 
    • Group discussion and ‘learn and share 
  • Identity and Intersectionality
    • Setting the Framework: What is Identity & Intersectionality?
    • How does intersectionality impact employees’ experiences at work?
    • The relationship between overlapping identities and the complexity of prejudice

Discovering Unconscious Bias

  • Defining different types of biases
  • Recognizing bias and understanding the impact it has in the workplace
  • How unconscious bias impacts organizational decisions and long-term micro-aggressive behaviors

Breakout Activity

Mitigating Bias

  • Understand how to recognize and reduce unconscious bias in decision-making
  • Learn how to apologize AND move forward
  • What happens when we don’t mitigate bias?
  • The impact of micro-aggressions

Creating a Sense of Belonging 

Inclusion and Empathy

  • Understanding the difference between Empathy and Sympathy
  • Recognizing the individual, team and organizational impact on creating an inclusive environment
  • Listening with intent – mitigating listening bias

Breakout Activity

  • Giving and receiving peer feedback
  • Empathetic Listening – listening without bias
  • Calling attention to the challenges and opportunities for putting listening into practice

Conscious Allyship – Learning and Group Discussion

  • Intent VS Impact
  • The difference between performative and conscious allyship
  • Advocating for diverse voices and creating psychological safe spaces
  • Drawing on lessons learned in this course, establish a blueprint for being a conscious ally, leading with empathy and putting work into action

Group Activity: Putting Learning into Action
In this group activity, you will have the opportunity to devise a personal toolkit that can be tested and put into action in the workplace. At the end of this activity, you will receive peer-to-peer and facilitator feedback.


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