Social Media for Government

March 20 & 27, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM EST | Online

Training Overview

Empower Citizens, Build Trust: Mastering Social Media Strategies for Government Engagement

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, “Social Media for Government in North America” explores the transformative potential of social media platforms as a means to enhance governance and public engagement across the continent. As governments face increasing demands for transparency, accountability, and efficient communication, they must adapt to harness the power of social media to effectively connect with citizens.

Throughout the report, remarkable case studies illustrate the tangible impact of embracing social media. In the United States, the federal government saw a 43% increase in citizen engagement through social media campaigns, resulting in better-informed policy decisions. In Canada, municipal governments have experienced a surge in public trust, with 70% of citizens reporting greater satisfaction in their interaction with local authorities.

By incorporating real-time data analytics, governments in North America have significantly improved crisis management response times. During natural disasters, cities utilizing social media witnessed an average reduction of 30% in emergency response times, saving countless lives and resources.

However, amid the triumphs lie challenges like privacy concerns, misinformation, and digital inequality, which this film thoughtfully addresses. Ultimately, “Social Media for Government in North America” highlights how embracing responsible social media practices can lead to an empowered, inclusive, and cohesive society that fosters meaningful citizen-government collaboration.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for heads, managers, leads, analysts, coordinators and specialists, in charge of transforming all three levels of government including:

Social Media Strategists, Analysts,
and Managers

Communication Managers, Digital Media Coordinators, Digital Engagement Specialists

Public Affairs Specialists, Public Relations Managers, Marketers, and Event Planners, Web Developers and Designers

Learning Outcomes

Understand the role of social media in government

Learn to create engaging, empathetic content that
resonates with diverse audiences.

Develop strategies to utilize various social media
platforms effectively. Gain insight into managing online community engagement while maintaining protocol.

Cultivate crisis management strategies for handling negative feedback and misinformation online.

Meet Your Facilitator

Margarette Leandre

Organic Social Media Strategist

Margarette Leandre is a Google-certified digital marketer and Meta-certified social media strategist with over five years of experience in the industry. She has a passion for helping small businesses and non-profit organizations create easy and S.M.A.R.T. marketing strategies using the dynamic power of social media.

As an immigrant from the Caribbean, she came to NL, Canada as an international student to study medicine. While attending MUN University, Grenfell Campus, she started a Youtube channel, CharisMaggie Tv, to explore her creative side. This content creator journey opened her eyes to the possibilities of using social media to spread her positive message about cultural awareness and appreciation. Today she has created over 1000 pieces of content, gained over 1 million views across her social media channels and built an online community of 30,000+.

She is also a podcast host for the Business and Culture Podcast, which she started in 2022 to explore entrepreneurship in Canada through the stories of entrepreneurs, resources and grants.

While working at a non-profit organization as a Program Coordinator, Margarette led the digital marketing and social media efforts to connect with clients and community partners. Her interest in social media marketing grew, leading to her offering freelance services in 2020 to help small businesses and non-profit organizations develop a stronger online presence, especially during the pandemic. In 2021, she completed the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certification and the Google Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Certificate in 2023.

Her mission is to break down the complexities of digital marketing and make it accessible to all, empowering entrepreneurs and organizations to thrive in the digital space.

When Margarette is not helping companies show up on social media, you can find her at food festivals and film screenings. She is also a serial Netflix binge-watcher, so feel free to share your favorite shows with her.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Modules 1 to 2Day 2: Modules 3 to 4

Understanding Social Media in Government

  • The historical and current context of Social Media use in government
  • Evaluating the potential and challenges of social media for government communication

Creating engaging, empathetic content for diverse audiences

  • Understanding the diverse North American social media landscape
  • Identifying audience demographics and tailoring content appropriately

Navigating Different Social Media Platforms

  • Overview of various platforms and their unique features
  • Strategic use of platforms based on audience demographics and content type

Understanding your themes, values and voice based on your audience and objectives

  • Understanding what your key themes and topics are
  • Identifying who your internal and external stakeholders are
  • Identifying where the roadblocks are to approvals
  • Forming this into an effective social communications strategy

Activity: Creating a multi-platform content strategy Identifying key stakeholders and addressing bottlenecks

  • Identify your key themes
  • Identify your key stakeholders
  • Identify your values and voice
  • Where are the bottlenecks and what can be done to work better with them?
  • How does this look as a strategy for your social communications?

Engaging with the Public while Maintaining Protocol

  • Balancing openness and protocol in government social media communication
  • Strategies for fostering a healthy online community engagement

Crisis Management in Social Media Communication

  • Handling negative feedback and misinformation online
  • Strategies for maintaining credibility during crises

Using Social Media for Improved Service Delivery

  • Exploring how social media can be used to improve
    service delivery and policy-making
  • Case studies of successful government social media


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