Cyber security and SIEM in The ANZ public sector

14 July 2020 Neboneid Hamoo Author avatar

Whitepaper Overview:

Cyber security is an integral part of the management of modern Information systems. It is a complex area, with many vendors and competing products, a host of service offerings, and many different paths to success. It can be a confusing landscape, even for knowledgeable industry professionals.

This White Paper is designed to help you cut through. It examines the basics of SIEM, which are rarely spelt out and which too often are coloured by a particular vendor’s product suite. It looks at the special conditions confronting government agencies on the security front, and briefly at the legislative and policy frameworks in place in each of Australasia’s governments. We hope this will help you navigate your way through the technological and organisational issues involved in developing the best security strategy for your organisation. It is not an easy job, because that is no single solution to every problem. Everybody has a different starting point, and different factors that influence their decision. But what we all have in common is the need to protect our information systems, and to be seen to be protecting them.

That is particularly important in the public sector. Trust is a fundamental aspect of effective government. People rely on governments to serve their needs and protect their interests. Effective cyber security in government entails a range of skills and imperatives not always present in the private sector. Data breaches have much broader consequences, going to the very heart of the relationship a government and its citizens.

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