SMRTCTY: Master Plan. A Smart City for Everyone

City of Mississauga Government of Canada June 2019 Mississauga will harness the creative power of technologies and innovative ideas to enhance the quality of life in Mississauga. We will effectively integrate physical, digital and human systems in  the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future – a Smart City for Everybody! Mississauga’s Smart City initiatives are about transformational city building and will focus on creating vibrant, inclusive communities with a high quality of life. Mississauga will serve as a model of government-led smart city urban development. People-centred, neighbourhood-focused and forward-ready we will use technology to address urban opportunities and challenges in order to create a city where people choose to live, work and play. Mississauga’s Smart City includes digital initiatives such as Wireless Mississauga (free public Wi-Fi); digital services through the city’s website, apps and other platforms; computer access and Maker Spaces at our libraries; and many other tools and services. The Smart City Master Plan provides a framework for how The City of Mississauga will approach digital projects, engage with the public and look at digital transformation. It also launches the Smart City program that will provide ongoing initiatives, public engagement, and thought leadership around digital modernization and smart city technologies. Reference:

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