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28 September 2022 Knia Pablo Author avatar

Making South Australian Government Simpler, Smarter & Digital First

Key trends shaping government service delivery and citizen experiences

The rapid adoption of digital and data technologies in recent times has meant that many government departments have experienced years’ worth of digital transformation in mere months.

The challenge is now to keep up the momentum and continue to harness the power of innovation. ICT, cyber security, and digital government projects supported by strong data initiatives have become the pillars of innovative modern governments globally.

In South Australia (SA) the Government is focused on providing improved services to the local community to create a more prosperous and liveable state, and to meet evolving citizen expectations.

In response, SA government leaders launched the ICT, Cyber Security, and Digital Government Strategy 2020 – 2025. The strategy has been designed to support the state in responding proactively to changes in the digital landscape. This strategy, along with data-driven initiatives, citizen-first services, driving continuous improvement, and building more innovative futures were the key topics of discussion at Public Sector Network’s recent Innovate South Australia Showcase (Innovate SA).

In partnership with the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the 2nd Annual Innovate SA on Wednesday 29th June 2022 bought together over 400 public sector professionals from across SA government departments to unpack challenges, opportunities, and priorities for government services in 2022 and beyond.

Through analysis of primary polling data and local case studies, we explore key trends emerging in SA in the new normal and delve into how these trends are facilitating a rethink of traditional government services to make them simpler, smarter, and digital-first.

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