5 Inter-Related Takeaways of Data & Risks

30 March 2022 Neb Hamoo Author avatar

The last couple of years since the start of the pandemic have seen an increase in the types and number of cyber security threats, but also in the brazenness of the attacks. Some of the breaches have cost not just money, but reputational damage as well, whilst others have cost jobs. These issues and numerous others came out of PSN’s Cyber Security and Risk Management National Insights – Summer Edition seminar, and the following are five of the key take-outs from that event, though of course many of them are inter-connected and inter-related.

5 Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of data and risk
  • Mitigating the risk
  • The cost of a breach
  • Understanding zero trust
  • The importance of multi-factor authentication

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